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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dad this one is for you

Originally I had planned to start this blog entry about something totally different but, I read a comment on my blog from earlier that my dad was sitting at the computer moving the mouse to read my blog. For those of you who know my dad you know that he is a great guy but is anti technology. Always has been and always will be.

Never in my wildest dreams would I even imagine he would do anything with a computer. Considering for 55 years in a row he has had no interest in getting an email address,turning on a computer or having anything remotely close to using them. So as you can imagine this is quite earth shattering to me. I seriously doubt my father will ever really use a computer and I have no problems with that and I am sure he doesn't either. Anyway welcome to the 21st century dad.

Ok, on to my original blog entry. Sydney has very inconsistent pricing at their convenience stores. One 7/11 will charge you 4 dollars for a bag of chips (crisps) and another 7/11 down the road will charge you 2.50 for the same thing, and it seems in 7/11 that most of their stuff isnt labeled price wise so you dont know how much it is unless you ask. You know if you have to ask its to much to afford lol

Also, apparently summer doesn't officially start here until the first of Dec. Well it sure feels like spring because one day its hot and today is rainy and cold. What is that?! I thought Australia was a beautiful paradise with crystal clear warm water all year long. Well not in Sydney :(

ok thats enough for today. -Tyler

P.S. Hope you Americans had a good Turkey Day.


  1. Woohoo good on your Dad Ty. Hope you are having a good time mate

  2. I'll tell Dad you are proud of him - can't really expect him to sit here and read this again so soon after the monumental event yesterday. Love, Mom

  3. Tyler- You have given your dad a purpose for learning how to use a computer. I remember when I headed to England my parents became much more interested in figuring out more than how to turn the computer on. Good for you for helping your dad with technology. By the way, they call them crisps in England too and chips are the things we refer to as French fries. Crazy isn’t it?

  4. the English language is different all over huh?

  5. The English language does tend to change according to the country, words can have different meanings.
    Here in Oz our brand of English is called "Strine".
    Regards. John S.
    Adelaide, South Australia.