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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June Holidays

June is the month in Colombia where we have the most holidays. Out of the four weeks in June, we have 3 long weekends. Which is pretty great haha. In the beginning of June, Jenny and I and some friends went to my annual tomato festival here. This was Jenny's first time to go and she does not like to get dirty (and this year there was more mud than tomatoes) but I think that she did enjoy it and I know that myself and my friends did. But, it was pretty wet and dirty and cold but fun! We had some good fun and next year is the 10th anniversary.

Since then, Jenny and I have been relaxing and having a good time on the long weekends. I have also been able to see my friends from work and last weekend we went to a finca (the Spanish word for farm) and we had a long weekend of relaxing in a city about 3 hours outside of Bogota, called La Vega and had some great food (courtesy of my boss Daniel) and lots of relaxing. I did get a little sunburn but nothing life ending. So now I am back to normal and working and going thru the hoops with the immigration and visa office yet again but, gotta do what I gotta to stay legal here.

So whats next for me? Well its almost July here and July 20th is independence day here in Colombia.  I am sure Jenny and I (and possibly some friends) will be doing something. I am also hoping going to be celebrating the 4th, here in Colombia. But, before any of that happens we have one last long weekend to enjoy. Until then I will be working and doing the usual. I don't have any big plans as of right now but, hopefully Jenny and I will both be going home in December to Texas to visit all the family and friends. If anything else amazing happens I will be sure to blog about it haha. Oh, I did see the new Jurassic Park movie. It was a pretty good reboot!

Yall take care,Tyler