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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dad this one is for you

Originally I had planned to start this blog entry about something totally different but, I read a comment on my blog from earlier that my dad was sitting at the computer moving the mouse to read my blog. For those of you who know my dad you know that he is a great guy but is anti technology. Always has been and always will be.

Never in my wildest dreams would I even imagine he would do anything with a computer. Considering for 55 years in a row he has had no interest in getting an email address,turning on a computer or having anything remotely close to using them. So as you can imagine this is quite earth shattering to me. I seriously doubt my father will ever really use a computer and I have no problems with that and I am sure he doesn't either. Anyway welcome to the 21st century dad.

Ok, on to my original blog entry. Sydney has very inconsistent pricing at their convenience stores. One 7/11 will charge you 4 dollars for a bag of chips (crisps) and another 7/11 down the road will charge you 2.50 for the same thing, and it seems in 7/11 that most of their stuff isnt labeled price wise so you dont know how much it is unless you ask. You know if you have to ask its to much to afford lol

Also, apparently summer doesn't officially start here until the first of Dec. Well it sure feels like spring because one day its hot and today is rainy and cold. What is that?! I thought Australia was a beautiful paradise with crystal clear warm water all year long. Well not in Sydney :(

ok thats enough for today. -Tyler

P.S. Hope you Americans had a good Turkey Day.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I am officially 100% employed!

So basically my job is going door to door trying to convince people to switch to green eco power. Which in itself might be kinda hard but the govt has subsidized this program which means it wont cost the customer any extra. They actually get a 50 dollar credit on their bill. and I am from Texas. I am likable :) I hope that helps! Now I can start making money instead of just spending it!

I should also mention I have a gripe. Last night I went with some friends to King's Cross aka The Cross here in Sydney. We had never been before and this is known as a slightly seedy part of town I mean not a part of Sydney you would take Junior too on a Friday night lol.

Well don't worry Mom we managed to get in and out of there without any issues. But, as we were leaving no taxi's would stop for us! (or anyone else for that matter) even gorgeous girls were getting denied. But, not EVERYONE was getting denied. Its like they were picking and choosing their fares. We were about mid range. I mean the drivers would have made money off the 3 of us. One driver did stop but when we told him where we wanted to go he said he wasn't going there. We were gonna give him money! it shouldn't matter!

Normally we would just hoof it ( or I would anyway) I dont mind walking. But, one of my friends hurt his leg so he was in alot of pain because those damn taxi drivers wouldn't pick us up. I assumed they ran 24 hours a day but apparently after 2am they do what they want when they want without any concern for anyone!

Well I wont let that spoil my day, I have a job now! :) -Tyler

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So today is Thanksgiving back home. I am going to check out prices on Turkey's here and if they aren't astronomical I will buy one and (try) to cook it lol So to all you American's Happy Thanksgiving from over here in Australia. I have been spreading the word so all these Aussie's know what today is. Wish me luck. Back at the job hunt today, I didn't get chosen for the last one. Such is life. I will find something eventually. Yall have a good one,Tyler

My up and down day

So today I was going for my sales job interview ( I find out soon if I got it) it is face to face commission based sales so I may not be really good at it but I get paid the first month regardless if I make sales or not so we will see. But, I was at the train station on my way to the interview and I went to the automated ticket machine to buy my ticket from Central to North Sydney and it took my 50 dollar bill and sucked it in the machine and didn't get me my ticket nor my change!

I was quite angry so I asked for a refund and the ticket lady said she couldn't give me one but she let me file a claim. Well they told me it was gonna take 1 month to process/investigate well I didn't like that answer at all. So I finally got to talk to a human and I told them my situation and complained a little and convinced them (I think/hope) to call me tomorrow and talk about this so I might have my money back tomorrow!

So wish me luck on the job and getting my friggin money back grr!!!

But tonight is my friend's birthday party so that should be fun I am excited about that. it should be good and I can relax and have fun and see what tomorrow holds. Well that is it for me today folks,Tyler

Monday, November 23, 2009

So I was lied too

It is apparently not really summer until December. Its still spring. 2 days ago it was almost 90F/30's C pretty hot. today is like 45 or 50F/20's C. That is crazy. I hate when it goes up and down in temperature I never know to wear jeans or shorts, its frustrating.

On a more positive note I got another job offer for a full time M-F entry level sales job so I have an interview tomorrow at 1:30. We shall see how it goes :) I have been trying to decide where I want to spend NYE/Xmas/my birthday but I haven't really decided yet. I am not sure what I have planned to do today really just kinda an open day. Last night I went to dinner with some friends and had a good time.

Sorry this blog entry has been so boring, I really am fresh out of exciting stuff to tell you so I am just gonna end it here hopefully something more exciting will happen tomorrow lol.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas in Summer

So right now its pretty hot out. I would say its close to 90F/30ishC. and I am hearing Christmas music on the radio,along with my sunburn in Nov this is just an odd feeling for me. Texas doesn't get snow really but at Christmas does come at a winter-ish time lol.

I saw a man in a Santa suit here he must have been so hot in that thing! Christmas in summer, the duel flush toilet and a different banking system (with quite a high minimum purchase to use your bank card) along with different usage of the English language and driving on the left side of the road these are all things I have had to adjust too. That being said, it isn't really a bad thing just different. I think everyone should get out and experience new cultures at least once in their lives. It really gives you a good perspective on life.

Coming up soon a good friend of mine here is having her birthday. We are going to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate I will be interested to see if they can do Mexican food as good as we get it back home. Well I am going with an open mind anyway. I have been eating a lot of things I am not used too here but, at least trying them. Yep mom if your reading this I have been eating some veggies and fruits but don't get any ideas once I get back home I am sure I will stop again :)

I may go to the Sydney zoo soon but I am not sure we will see. I went once last year and I enjoyed it so may give it another go but since I dont have a steady cash flow at the moment I have tried to find things that are cheap to free to do. Once I move out of my friend's place I will be looking at long term hostels or shared accommodation places so that I can save money over a regular hostel but really my work situation is what will keep me in Sydney. If I am working consistently for a few months I will be in Sydney if not, I will be moving on up the East Coast more. Queensland seems to be calling my name lately so we shall see. But, all is well so far.

One last request to my Internet readers: If you post anonymously I really don't mind but, if you feel like telling me who you are when you post I would appreciate it. Just your name at the end of the post or something is fine.

Have a good one,Tyler

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunday with the birds

So today was Sunday and I just felt like relaxing today since I will (hopefully) be starting work tomorrow. So I went to Hyde Park here in Sydney with a British girl I met at the hostel named Pickle, she is fun to be around and good company. We got some pizza and fed the crusts to the birds. There was a ton of Pigeons and Ibis's all around us. It was really cool and it has been a long time since I have just totally relaxed and slowed down my life enough to do that. I really enjoyed just laying there with the birds.

Then after we were done we left and went to give our leftover pizza to a homeless guy I pass everyday named Ken. Ken is a pretty cool guy but he lives on the street corner next to the local mall. I give him spare change now and again but he is there day after day and never really seems motivated to do anything except sit there. He is a nice guy though lots of people just ignore him but when I see him I like to chat him up for a bit just to try and brighten his day a little.

I really need to get out of Sydney even if its just for a little while soon though. I have been here since I have arrived and its nice but I have seen and done everything (except take pictures for all you wonderful people lol) I know I need to start bringing my camera! But, I am thinking about a day trip to the Blue Mountains soon just to get outta Sydney for a while. I have heard its really nice there and its quite cheap to get there. I also need to decide where I am gonna spend New Years Eve and Christmas along with my birthday. Most likely in Sydney but I am not totally sure yet.

I enjoy meeting people at the hostel and just around town but the only bad thing is with the backpacker lifestyle you tend to meet a lot of people and become friends or grow attached to some of them but usually they are moving on to somewhere else as are you so you kind of just temporarily drift through each other's lives and that is it. That is kinda frustrating when you find someone you really click with. But overall I like just being get up and go and do what I like. I am glad I took my chance to do this and enjoy life and my 20's. I can look back on my life and now I dont have to say "I wish I would have done this" because I am doing it! So its not perfect and sometimes it's lonely etc but I dont regret my choice.

I guess that is all for today,Tyler

Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Food

Today I wanted to give someone a mention. Like I said I am living with a friend of mine for a little while which was really nice of her to offer and help me out. She is great and I couldn't ask for anything more! But, on top of her awesomeness is the awesomeness of her roommates cooking. Since I moved in I have had my belly filled by delicious cooking that is way better than anything I have found in Sydney so far and its way cheaper too. So I just really wanted to say thank you to both of them for all of the Internet to read :)

Also considering how badly I bashed Vegemite last blog and most likely offended some Aussie's I wanted to redeem myself and give a great big 2 thumbs up to Nutella! It is a hazelnut spread that goes on toast and such and it is very good I am a big fan. While I am talking about all this food if anyone has any Thanksgiving Turkey recipes feel free to email them to me at or post them here.

This weekend I think I may take a day trip out of Sydney for the first time to the Blue Mountains going by train so it should be good. I love the public transport here. :)

Well I guess that is all for now. Your Traveling Texan,Tyler

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good News!

Normally I dont do 2 blogs in one day but this calls for it.

So I think I have a job! That job agency called today and they said they are pretty sure they will have work for me on Monday! :) I bought my boots,my hard hat,ear protection etc. so I am good to go and ready to get to work. That is good news for me to get the cash flow going.

Also I found out just recently that a really good friend of mine in Canada who is school teacher told her class about my travels and doing what you set out to do and having an adventurous spirit. I was quite hono(u)red (with the U for you crazy foreigners ;) ) that I can inspire Canadian school children so that was nice :)

Also, I have been shopping for myself recently and noticed that the prices are fairly high but still cheaper than eating out. But, what really gets me is the size of the shopping carts/trolleys/trams. In America they are what I could consider normal size but here they are at least to me really tiny. Maybe that is why in America our obesity rate is so high because we fill our carts up so much lol. But here, you cant fit much in them at all! At least at the Coles I went to they were small. Just a little observation I had.

All in all a good day.

Your hopefully soon employed Texan,Tyler

Unusual food.

So just recently I was introduced to a few horrible,terrible no good nasty tasting foods (in my opinion of course) by a Danish girl in my room. First she showed me a can of Vegemite (spelling?) and to me it looked like chocolate sauce so of course I got a big finger full and proceeded to eat it all at once. Almost immediately I got foul,bitter,sour taste in my mouth. I cant even describe to you how horrid this taste was. I managed to swallow it down but just barely. My eyes started to water and I ran to get a huge drink of water and some bread to wash it all down.

Ok second bad experience, yet again I was with the same Danish girl and we had taken the ferry to Manly beach and were walking around. We stumbled upon a Scandinavian candy store and her eyes immediately lit up and we ran inside so she could buy some candy. She got some form of black licorice which I normally don't eat anyway but I thought I would be adventurous and try it.

So I pop this black candy in my mouth. Immediately a bitter horrible sour tar like sensation hits my mouth. My face is screwed up in agony and she is laughing hysterically. Now not only is this candy horrible but it is also very hard and sticky and it's stuck to my teeth. So here I am stuck with this terrible stuff in my mouth. I finally manage to swallow it all down and at that point I tell her even though we are friends I am not taking anymore food from her.

But, a little bit later she bought what was clearly bread with chocolate chunks in it and I had some of that. I was a happy man :) I managed to fall asleep at Manly and get a little sunburned but not too bad. All in All a good day to be had the ferry ride over was nice too. But the water is ice cold still! So no swimming for me.-Tyler

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tomorrow is move day

So tomorrow I move from my hostel to a friend's house for a while. That will be a nice change currently I am sharing a room with seven other people. A hot shower and a room all my own will be great.They are all good people but, it gets a little crowded sometimes. But it has been good at the hostel. I am adjusting to Sydney life as well as can be expected I guess but work or no work I don't plan to be here too terribly much longer.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon and since I will be missing Thanksgiving back home I am bringing Thanksgiving here. I have decided I am buying a turkey and getting these foreigners to know what it is all about. So I am excited it will be fun.

Today I saw something very odd. I saw a lady pushing a stroller with her child in it but it wasn't a normal stroller. It looked almost exactly like a luggage carrier/golf club carrier. She was actually pulling her child along BEHIND her lol.
There is quite a few street performers here in Sydney most of them aren't that good but there is few that are actually a few that have some talent it is neat to watch I quite like walking around and seeing it. There is also a sizable homeless population here and they seem to mostly live in one area and I tend to see the same guys/girls there all the time so they are just kinda a fixture in my daily life now.

I have been really bad about taking pictures I always leave my camera in my hostel and there just isn't much that interests me enough to take a picture lol. I am sorry about that for all of you non Aussies I will try and take more pictures.

Another thing I have noticed is how out of touch with news/music/general American life I have become. Someone told me about the shooting in at the Army Base in Texas and it was a British girl who told me about it. I need to get more in touch with whats going on.-Tyler

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I had my interview

Today I had an interview with a job placement agency and although I dont have much formal training in anything I do have good work ethic and I am a fast learner. My interviewer she was really nice and I think I impressed her so I am feeling good that she will have me placed in a job soon. Fingers crossed.

Really other than that nothing super amazing is going on today. The weather is great its about 77F/25C and sunny. Its a beach day, I think I will catch the ferry to Manly Beach and relax today :)-Tyler

Monday, November 16, 2009

I did it

I got my license to work construction/labour anywhere in Australia! That is good news and hopefully I am one step closer to a job now. If I dont have a job by mid Dec I will be moving from Sydney.-Tyler

Just randomness

So today I passed my test I am now licensed to do construction work in all of Australia feels good to be closer to a real job. Its raining here again but just a bit. Mostly the weather is fine, except that the ocean is freezing! So I will be staying out of it until I get further north lol.

So today I went to my first Aussie mall and it had EIGHT levels. Ya I got lost but I also found Dr. Pepper for the first time. I was gonna buy it but.... are you ready for it? a 24 pack cost $55.20 yes you read that correctly! Soon I will have a picture for you on Facebook. Its Insane! Did I mention their malls are really confusing?

I might have mentioned this but I went down to Circular Quay (pronounced key) I watched a girl shove her entire body into a 43cm/16" square box. It was small. I am not kidding like tiny and she fit in it. I figured watching that was worth 5 bucks so I gave it to her even though I am jobless right now.

Also their registered charities are odd. They dont ask you for money at all. They talk to you all normal just about your day etc.... then at the very end they ask you for your credit card number so they can auto bill you for TWO YEARS! that was a big adjustment for me. They are quite pleasant though and my credit card has stayed in my pocket.

Ok thats all for now,Your traveling Texan,Tyler

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A few other things....

So, I forget to mention I think that the showers at my hostel are possessed. The showers are pretty good actually. Hot most of the time and good water flow except when you have shampoo in your eyes. That is the exact moment you either get randomly blasted with hot water or cold. Its like a race to beat that blast everyday. After almost 3 weeks here I think I have it down to an art.

I know almost all the staff at my hostel and its really good. I have a very international hostel with (at the moment) a British girl,a French girl, a couple from England,a Danish girl,a Dutch girl,a guy from DC and myself in the room. it really isn't bad I have great roommates. I miss my friends back home a lot but I have made some great new ones here.

I have really had to adjust to living in a city of 4 million people but I actually kinda like it even though its wild and bustling and crazy sometimes. I have managed to make my way around and I know how to get where I need to get cheap or free. Mostly walking. I have walked about 78,000 miles since I have been here which is more than I ever walked back home but its nice to just get out and walk.

I am about 5 minutes from China Town. When I say China Town I mean it, I had dinner with a friend there and there was live chickens running around and it was really authentic. But the food was great. I have had falafel and curry down by The Rocks. its really multi cultural and I like that a lot. I am just eating food I never have even been exposed to back home.

Ok I think that is all for today. More coming later yall.-Tyler

So I am finally starting this.

So I will finally start this blog I have told yall about. I have been here in Sydney Australia for 10 days now. and I will briefly tell you about some things I love and some things I hate about Sydney so far.

Things I love: The German,English,Irish,American,Italian,Norwegian,Russian,Dutch,Danish,Finnish,Spanish,whoever else I have met accents. I love meeting international people from all over its great!
I love the weather and the friendly Aussies. I love being away from much of the craziness and stress.

I love doing my own thing and enjoying life. I love the colo(u)rful money they have here. They do actually have some good beer although I miss my Shiner. My hostel bed is actually not too bad but I miss my own. I love being in the future :) and the new friends I have met have been great.

Things I hate: Sydney is horribly expensive. You can't eat out. Even crap food for any less than 10-15 dollars. Beer is on average is between 5 and 9 dollars on tap even at happy hour. Their toilet seats are round bowl and small. all of them. I miss my elongated bowl toilets :( The toilet paper at my hostel is mediocre at best.

My hostel is really cool and I really like the people and its great but its quite expensive. and sadly even if I move elsewhere I will only be saving 5 dollars a night which isnt much. (although soon I will get some free accommodation for a while :) I hate not having a job ( but I am getting my construction license to work here so that will change soon) All the backpackers in Sydney at the moment want a job and they are hard to come by but once I get this license it will help out.

I am not sure how I feel about all the craziness of living in a city of 4 million people but so far it isn't all that bad. I hate that the banks/post office close early and aren't open on Saturdays. Their banking system is different from America and a little confusing but I have gotten used to it.

So, my "hate" list might seem a little longer than my "like" list but in reality I like it here so far. Once I get a job and a place of my own all will be well. I wont be in Sydney forever just for a while then I will explore more of what Australia has to offer.

That is all for now I wont update this everyday but I will try to as much as possible. Hope you like and keep in touch.

Your friendly traveling Texan,Tyler