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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My up and down day

So today I was going for my sales job interview ( I find out soon if I got it) it is face to face commission based sales so I may not be really good at it but I get paid the first month regardless if I make sales or not so we will see. But, I was at the train station on my way to the interview and I went to the automated ticket machine to buy my ticket from Central to North Sydney and it took my 50 dollar bill and sucked it in the machine and didn't get me my ticket nor my change!

I was quite angry so I asked for a refund and the ticket lady said she couldn't give me one but she let me file a claim. Well they told me it was gonna take 1 month to process/investigate well I didn't like that answer at all. So I finally got to talk to a human and I told them my situation and complained a little and convinced them (I think/hope) to call me tomorrow and talk about this so I might have my money back tomorrow!

So wish me luck on the job and getting my friggin money back grr!!!

But tonight is my friend's birthday party so that should be fun I am excited about that. it should be good and I can relax and have fun and see what tomorrow holds. Well that is it for me today folks,Tyler

1 comment:

  1. What the #^$*&# kind of #&^@*&$ is that!!!! >:(

    a very ticked off lu'lu >:(