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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A few other things....

So, I forget to mention I think that the showers at my hostel are possessed. The showers are pretty good actually. Hot most of the time and good water flow except when you have shampoo in your eyes. That is the exact moment you either get randomly blasted with hot water or cold. Its like a race to beat that blast everyday. After almost 3 weeks here I think I have it down to an art.

I know almost all the staff at my hostel and its really good. I have a very international hostel with (at the moment) a British girl,a French girl, a couple from England,a Danish girl,a Dutch girl,a guy from DC and myself in the room. it really isn't bad I have great roommates. I miss my friends back home a lot but I have made some great new ones here.

I have really had to adjust to living in a city of 4 million people but I actually kinda like it even though its wild and bustling and crazy sometimes. I have managed to make my way around and I know how to get where I need to get cheap or free. Mostly walking. I have walked about 78,000 miles since I have been here which is more than I ever walked back home but its nice to just get out and walk.

I am about 5 minutes from China Town. When I say China Town I mean it, I had dinner with a friend there and there was live chickens running around and it was really authentic. But the food was great. I have had falafel and curry down by The Rocks. its really multi cultural and I like that a lot. I am just eating food I never have even been exposed to back home.

Ok I think that is all for today. More coming later yall.-Tyler

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