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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good News!

Normally I dont do 2 blogs in one day but this calls for it.

So I think I have a job! That job agency called today and they said they are pretty sure they will have work for me on Monday! :) I bought my boots,my hard hat,ear protection etc. so I am good to go and ready to get to work. That is good news for me to get the cash flow going.

Also I found out just recently that a really good friend of mine in Canada who is school teacher told her class about my travels and doing what you set out to do and having an adventurous spirit. I was quite hono(u)red (with the U for you crazy foreigners ;) ) that I can inspire Canadian school children so that was nice :)

Also, I have been shopping for myself recently and noticed that the prices are fairly high but still cheaper than eating out. But, what really gets me is the size of the shopping carts/trolleys/trams. In America they are what I could consider normal size but here they are at least to me really tiny. Maybe that is why in America our obesity rate is so high because we fill our carts up so much lol. But here, you cant fit much in them at all! At least at the Coles I went to they were small. Just a little observation I had.

All in all a good day.

Your hopefully soon employed Texan,Tyler


  1. Congrats Ty thats great news

  2. Send me some money, punk!!! :D


  3. You really are famous...your canadian teacher friend sounds super nice for sure!