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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunday with the birds

So today was Sunday and I just felt like relaxing today since I will (hopefully) be starting work tomorrow. So I went to Hyde Park here in Sydney with a British girl I met at the hostel named Pickle, she is fun to be around and good company. We got some pizza and fed the crusts to the birds. There was a ton of Pigeons and Ibis's all around us. It was really cool and it has been a long time since I have just totally relaxed and slowed down my life enough to do that. I really enjoyed just laying there with the birds.

Then after we were done we left and went to give our leftover pizza to a homeless guy I pass everyday named Ken. Ken is a pretty cool guy but he lives on the street corner next to the local mall. I give him spare change now and again but he is there day after day and never really seems motivated to do anything except sit there. He is a nice guy though lots of people just ignore him but when I see him I like to chat him up for a bit just to try and brighten his day a little.

I really need to get out of Sydney even if its just for a little while soon though. I have been here since I have arrived and its nice but I have seen and done everything (except take pictures for all you wonderful people lol) I know I need to start bringing my camera! But, I am thinking about a day trip to the Blue Mountains soon just to get outta Sydney for a while. I have heard its really nice there and its quite cheap to get there. I also need to decide where I am gonna spend New Years Eve and Christmas along with my birthday. Most likely in Sydney but I am not totally sure yet.

I enjoy meeting people at the hostel and just around town but the only bad thing is with the backpacker lifestyle you tend to meet a lot of people and become friends or grow attached to some of them but usually they are moving on to somewhere else as are you so you kind of just temporarily drift through each other's lives and that is it. That is kinda frustrating when you find someone you really click with. But overall I like just being get up and go and do what I like. I am glad I took my chance to do this and enjoy life and my 20's. I can look back on my life and now I dont have to say "I wish I would have done this" because I am doing it! So its not perfect and sometimes it's lonely etc but I dont regret my choice.

I guess that is all for today,Tyler

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  1. I'm glad that you've chosen to explore life and live out loud, Tyler. It takes a tremendously strong person to embark on such a journey and YOU HAVE!!! So good on you and your wonderful adventurous spirit :) I imagine it can feel lonely...but know in your heart that you are never too far from any of us that care for you, k? You're always just a click away from friends :)

    Chin up...