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Monday, November 16, 2009

Just randomness

So today I passed my test I am now licensed to do construction work in all of Australia feels good to be closer to a real job. Its raining here again but just a bit. Mostly the weather is fine, except that the ocean is freezing! So I will be staying out of it until I get further north lol.

So today I went to my first Aussie mall and it had EIGHT levels. Ya I got lost but I also found Dr. Pepper for the first time. I was gonna buy it but.... are you ready for it? a 24 pack cost $55.20 yes you read that correctly! Soon I will have a picture for you on Facebook. Its Insane! Did I mention their malls are really confusing?

I might have mentioned this but I went down to Circular Quay (pronounced key) I watched a girl shove her entire body into a 43cm/16" square box. It was small. I am not kidding like tiny and she fit in it. I figured watching that was worth 5 bucks so I gave it to her even though I am jobless right now.

Also their registered charities are odd. They dont ask you for money at all. They talk to you all normal just about your day etc.... then at the very end they ask you for your credit card number so they can auto bill you for TWO YEARS! that was a big adjustment for me. They are quite pleasant though and my credit card has stayed in my pocket.

Ok thats all for now,Your traveling Texan,Tyler

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  1. Hi Ty, glad things are going well, oh to be as young and brave as you, take care of yourself hun xx