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Saturday, November 14, 2009

So I am finally starting this.

So I will finally start this blog I have told yall about. I have been here in Sydney Australia for 10 days now. and I will briefly tell you about some things I love and some things I hate about Sydney so far.

Things I love: The German,English,Irish,American,Italian,Norwegian,Russian,Dutch,Danish,Finnish,Spanish,whoever else I have met accents. I love meeting international people from all over its great!
I love the weather and the friendly Aussies. I love being away from much of the craziness and stress.

I love doing my own thing and enjoying life. I love the colo(u)rful money they have here. They do actually have some good beer although I miss my Shiner. My hostel bed is actually not too bad but I miss my own. I love being in the future :) and the new friends I have met have been great.

Things I hate: Sydney is horribly expensive. You can't eat out. Even crap food for any less than 10-15 dollars. Beer is on average is between 5 and 9 dollars on tap even at happy hour. Their toilet seats are round bowl and small. all of them. I miss my elongated bowl toilets :( The toilet paper at my hostel is mediocre at best.

My hostel is really cool and I really like the people and its great but its quite expensive. and sadly even if I move elsewhere I will only be saving 5 dollars a night which isnt much. (although soon I will get some free accommodation for a while :) I hate not having a job ( but I am getting my construction license to work here so that will change soon) All the backpackers in Sydney at the moment want a job and they are hard to come by but once I get this license it will help out.

I am not sure how I feel about all the craziness of living in a city of 4 million people but so far it isn't all that bad. I hate that the banks/post office close early and aren't open on Saturdays. Their banking system is different from America and a little confusing but I have gotten used to it.

So, my "hate" list might seem a little longer than my "like" list but in reality I like it here so far. Once I get a job and a place of my own all will be well. I wont be in Sydney forever just for a while then I will explore more of what Australia has to offer.

That is all for now I wont update this everyday but I will try to as much as possible. Hope you like and keep in touch.

Your friendly traveling Texan,Tyler


  1. Hey Ty

    Glad to hear that you have a blog, so I can keep abreast of whats going on. Well, if you fly back home from syndney, avoid Oceanic flight 815! ;-)

    Sorry to hear about your bad Sydney experience but glad to see you are relaxed & happy!!!

  2. The most expensive city in Australia to live in and you went there first up..tough learning curve
    Regarding the banks at least ours only close for the weekend,not permantly!!
    If you want your money to last move on as soon as you can,without work in Sydney what you have won,t last long

  3. You really have Sydney summed up well, especially the expensive part.
    John S. Adelaide, South Australia.

  4. Hey Ty, better get your doins done and head for cheaper ground. Wells do run dry and there is so much to see other places, but I'm sure you know that. Have a great time and enjoy the journey buddy........ hope to make the trip before I have to be put in a convalescent home :(
    Cheers :) George~