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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unusual food.

So just recently I was introduced to a few horrible,terrible no good nasty tasting foods (in my opinion of course) by a Danish girl in my room. First she showed me a can of Vegemite (spelling?) and to me it looked like chocolate sauce so of course I got a big finger full and proceeded to eat it all at once. Almost immediately I got foul,bitter,sour taste in my mouth. I cant even describe to you how horrid this taste was. I managed to swallow it down but just barely. My eyes started to water and I ran to get a huge drink of water and some bread to wash it all down.

Ok second bad experience, yet again I was with the same Danish girl and we had taken the ferry to Manly beach and were walking around. We stumbled upon a Scandinavian candy store and her eyes immediately lit up and we ran inside so she could buy some candy. She got some form of black licorice which I normally don't eat anyway but I thought I would be adventurous and try it.

So I pop this black candy in my mouth. Immediately a bitter horrible sour tar like sensation hits my mouth. My face is screwed up in agony and she is laughing hysterically. Now not only is this candy horrible but it is also very hard and sticky and it's stuck to my teeth. So here I am stuck with this terrible stuff in my mouth. I finally manage to swallow it all down and at that point I tell her even though we are friends I am not taking anymore food from her.

But, a little bit later she bought what was clearly bread with chocolate chunks in it and I had some of that. I was a happy man :) I managed to fall asleep at Manly and get a little sunburned but not too bad. All in All a good day to be had the ferry ride over was nice too. But the water is ice cold still! So no swimming for me.-Tyler


  1. The spelling of Vegemite is correct, it is a national Aussie icon on which generations of us were raised, I certainly am quite fond of it.
    The black liquorice confection sounds like it could have been an aniseed derivation which is known as "fisherman`s friend".
    John S. Adelaide, South Oz.

  2. I should add that I do love Nutella! -Tyler