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Friday, November 27, 2009

I am officially 100% employed!

So basically my job is going door to door trying to convince people to switch to green eco power. Which in itself might be kinda hard but the govt has subsidized this program which means it wont cost the customer any extra. They actually get a 50 dollar credit on their bill. and I am from Texas. I am likable :) I hope that helps! Now I can start making money instead of just spending it!

I should also mention I have a gripe. Last night I went with some friends to King's Cross aka The Cross here in Sydney. We had never been before and this is known as a slightly seedy part of town I mean not a part of Sydney you would take Junior too on a Friday night lol.

Well don't worry Mom we managed to get in and out of there without any issues. But, as we were leaving no taxi's would stop for us! (or anyone else for that matter) even gorgeous girls were getting denied. But, not EVERYONE was getting denied. Its like they were picking and choosing their fares. We were about mid range. I mean the drivers would have made money off the 3 of us. One driver did stop but when we told him where we wanted to go he said he wasn't going there. We were gonna give him money! it shouldn't matter!

Normally we would just hoof it ( or I would anyway) I dont mind walking. But, one of my friends hurt his leg so he was in alot of pain because those damn taxi drivers wouldn't pick us up. I assumed they ran 24 hours a day but apparently after 2am they do what they want when they want without any concern for anyone!

Well I wont let that spoil my day, I have a job now! :) -Tyler


  1. Congrats on the job Ty and remember to gloat for me when Wales beat Australia in the rugby, I live in Wales :)

  2. I'm glad to hear you like hoofing it, cause you'll be doing alot of that with the new job. Congrats.
    Love ya, Mom

  3. Congratulations!!! People are gonna luuuuurve answering their doors to find your fine...ahh, well...right. Let me act like I've some decorum and be a lady (^^^ you're mum is right there ^^^ Yikes!! hahaha). ---> Good on you!!! <---


  4. If you can believe this - dad actually sat at the computer with his hand on the mouse and read the blog. Dad has officially entered the 21st century. I'm typing his comment for him - "Good luck with the new job. Hopefully you can make some serious money. Keep us informed. Call before your birthday. I love you, Dad"

  5. When you knock on the doors make sure you are not riding a bicycle or wearing a black suit like the suit that Elwood Blues wore in the "Blues Brothers. Otherwise people will think you are a Mormon.
    John S. Adelaide.