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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas in Summer

So right now its pretty hot out. I would say its close to 90F/30ishC. and I am hearing Christmas music on the radio,along with my sunburn in Nov this is just an odd feeling for me. Texas doesn't get snow really but at Christmas does come at a winter-ish time lol.

I saw a man in a Santa suit here he must have been so hot in that thing! Christmas in summer, the duel flush toilet and a different banking system (with quite a high minimum purchase to use your bank card) along with different usage of the English language and driving on the left side of the road these are all things I have had to adjust too. That being said, it isn't really a bad thing just different. I think everyone should get out and experience new cultures at least once in their lives. It really gives you a good perspective on life.

Coming up soon a good friend of mine here is having her birthday. We are going to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate I will be interested to see if they can do Mexican food as good as we get it back home. Well I am going with an open mind anyway. I have been eating a lot of things I am not used too here but, at least trying them. Yep mom if your reading this I have been eating some veggies and fruits but don't get any ideas once I get back home I am sure I will stop again :)

I may go to the Sydney zoo soon but I am not sure we will see. I went once last year and I enjoyed it so may give it another go but since I dont have a steady cash flow at the moment I have tried to find things that are cheap to free to do. Once I move out of my friend's place I will be looking at long term hostels or shared accommodation places so that I can save money over a regular hostel but really my work situation is what will keep me in Sydney. If I am working consistently for a few months I will be in Sydney if not, I will be moving on up the East Coast more. Queensland seems to be calling my name lately so we shall see. But, all is well so far.

One last request to my Internet readers: If you post anonymously I really don't mind but, if you feel like telling me who you are when you post I would appreciate it. Just your name at the end of the post or something is fine.

Have a good one,Tyler

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