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Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Food

Today I wanted to give someone a mention. Like I said I am living with a friend of mine for a little while which was really nice of her to offer and help me out. She is great and I couldn't ask for anything more! But, on top of her awesomeness is the awesomeness of her roommates cooking. Since I moved in I have had my belly filled by delicious cooking that is way better than anything I have found in Sydney so far and its way cheaper too. So I just really wanted to say thank you to both of them for all of the Internet to read :)

Also considering how badly I bashed Vegemite last blog and most likely offended some Aussie's I wanted to redeem myself and give a great big 2 thumbs up to Nutella! It is a hazelnut spread that goes on toast and such and it is very good I am a big fan. While I am talking about all this food if anyone has any Thanksgiving Turkey recipes feel free to email them to me at or post them here.

This weekend I think I may take a day trip out of Sydney for the first time to the Blue Mountains going by train so it should be good. I love the public transport here. :)

Well I guess that is all for now. Your Traveling Texan,Tyler

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  1. Im pretty sure that Australia isnt responsible for Nutella. We have been enjoying it here for years.