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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So today is Thanksgiving back home. I am going to check out prices on Turkey's here and if they aren't astronomical I will buy one and (try) to cook it lol So to all you American's Happy Thanksgiving from over here in Australia. I have been spreading the word so all these Aussie's know what today is. Wish me luck. Back at the job hunt today, I didn't get chosen for the last one. Such is life. I will find something eventually. Yall have a good one,Tyler

1 comment:

  1.'s now Thanksgiving evening...and as you can imagine, U.S. citizens everywhere are passed the crap out. I know you can see it!! Stomachs distended, heads slung back on the sofa, mouths wide open and drooling of course...arm hanging over the sofa...and holding in their greasy & grubby lil hand, a big ass turkey leg. And as the dog comes over and licks the dead bird carcass, without opening their eyes or waking up, the porked out American grabs that bird leg, cradles it to his chest, gives a couple of drooly snores, turns to the inside of the sofa and protects his kill. Of course, all of this is followed by most relaxing and hearty fart.... *sigh* :)

    God Bless America, damnit :thumbs up:
    ~Happy Thanksgiving, darling :)
    Love ya!!
    ~lu'lu and the rest of us ;)