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Monday, July 20, 2009


First and foremost I need to thank my friends and family back home for being so supportive back home and allowing me to do this. Secondly, I want to thank all of my friends all over the world who have made my journey so amazing and unforgettable I certainly won't forget you! Last but not least I need to thank Couch Surfing. CS has changed my life and made it so so much better! I have made so many amazing friends and had SO many good things happen because of CS. I have had so many random acts of kindness from strangers and friends alike on this trip I could never begin to count them and I am so lucky and blessed!

I should also selfishly thank myself. I am the one who had the inner courage to do this (with some help of course) and I am SO glad I did. I have forever changed my life is a positive way and open my mind to what this world holds.

This is my first attempt any any kind of a book so any mistakes are mine and mine alone, please bear with me. At first I started writing this for you my readers but, the more I started to write the more I realised this was also for me. My personal journey and memories that will last a lifetime and now I have them written down so I can go back down memory lane whenever I want.

You may love this book or you may hate it. But, this is two years of my life uncensored. So what you see is what you get. It may bore you or enthrall you. There very well could be spelling and grammatical mistakes but I wanted to give you this raw and unedited.  My life has had some big changes and ups and downs over these past two years but, I sure have learned a lot. I am no self help guru but I hope that everyone who reads this can take something from it.I have learned a thing or two about people and life and I have had the great privilege to expand my mind in many ways and meet many many amazing people over these past two years not to mention all the amazing places I have seen and things I have experienced.

The biggest thing I have taken away from this experience is how to take each day as it comes and not take things for granted. That is an easy thing to say, live life one day at a time and just enjoy the time you have on this planet of ours but, it is much harder to actually put into practice. I might come back a changed person but I am hoping it will be changes for the better. I will spell like a Brit and talk like an Aussie but I am still me. It may take me a bit to get back into the hang of the American way of things.

Perspective is a good thing to have in this life. I am grateful and lucky enough to be 26 and now have quite a bit of it. I have been around this world to 17 different countries so far (and counting!) and I have seen the good and the bad of what this world has to offer. I can come away knowing how lucky am I to have what I have and to be able to do what I do. Just remember not to take the little things in life for granted because while you may not even think about others in this world may not have it at all.

If there is anything you take away from this book aka my life I want it to be this: Don't forget to bring your own toilet paper. Oh ya, make sure you say hello to stranger and always try and smile. A big smile goes a long way and you never know who's day you will impact or who you will meet. Make sure you get out of your comfort zone once in a while. You might surprise yourself. Remember to do what you love, and to love life. Have fun on the ride and live without regrets.

Yours truly. Tyler Horton

P.S. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed living it.