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Monday, August 17, 2015

I am engaged!

I am engaged :)  So Jenny and I went to a town in Colombia named Yopal. The town itself was not super incredible but, the hotel we stayed at was very very nice and we had a great free breakfast! So, after exploring the town (even though it did rain) and watching some movies.

Then Sunday night, I took her up to a view point above the city and asked her to marry me and she said yes! Our wedding we will be sometime in Aug. 2016 here in Colombia. We are both very happy! I do hope that all my family and friends can attend :D

Monday, August 03, 2015

August Update

Well I meant to blog back in July but I didn't so here is my blog update for July and the first part of August. So what happened back in July? Well we had the 4th of July of course.... Jenny and I celebrated with some of my American friends here. We had a pretty good time. Then came the 20th of July which is Colombian independence day. Jenny and I spent the time relaxing and enjoying our time off.

My I had a coworker and my boss have their birthdays back in July so we celebrated all that together. I am still working at Sergio Arboleda and now I am officially in a group Spanish class that runs from Monday to Friday. Previously, I was taking personalized classes but now it is a different dynamic in my class but there is 7 other people in my class and I like my teacher.

We have 2 holidays in August. Jenny and I will be traveling for one of them. We are going to a city 8 hours away from Bogota and hopefully enjoy ourselves! Jenny and I will be going to Texas in December so we are getting prepped for that trip. This Weds. we are going to see the new Mission Impossible movie, hopefully it will be good.

Really I guess that is it. Yall have a good one. Tyler