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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tomorrow is move day

So tomorrow I move from my hostel to a friend's house for a while. That will be a nice change currently I am sharing a room with seven other people. A hot shower and a room all my own will be great.They are all good people but, it gets a little crowded sometimes. But it has been good at the hostel. I am adjusting to Sydney life as well as can be expected I guess but work or no work I don't plan to be here too terribly much longer.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon and since I will be missing Thanksgiving back home I am bringing Thanksgiving here. I have decided I am buying a turkey and getting these foreigners to know what it is all about. So I am excited it will be fun.

Today I saw something very odd. I saw a lady pushing a stroller with her child in it but it wasn't a normal stroller. It looked almost exactly like a luggage carrier/golf club carrier. She was actually pulling her child along BEHIND her lol.
There is quite a few street performers here in Sydney most of them aren't that good but there is few that are actually a few that have some talent it is neat to watch I quite like walking around and seeing it. There is also a sizable homeless population here and they seem to mostly live in one area and I tend to see the same guys/girls there all the time so they are just kinda a fixture in my daily life now.

I have been really bad about taking pictures I always leave my camera in my hostel and there just isn't much that interests me enough to take a picture lol. I am sorry about that for all of you non Aussies I will try and take more pictures.

Another thing I have noticed is how out of touch with news/music/general American life I have become. Someone told me about the shooting in at the Army Base in Texas and it was a British girl who told me about it. I need to get more in touch with whats going on.-Tyler


  1. I'm interested in seeing if you know how to cook a turkey. I've only cooked one before and I'm a lot older than you. If they have brown-n-bags over there that would be a great way to do it. Get the giant, turkey size. Are you fixing dressing, greens, cranberries and pumpkin pie??? Hope all goes well with the move and hope you find a job soon. Love ya, mom

  2. We are not "foreigners", we are Australians but we will eat the turkey nevertheless.
    That is amazing, you actually heard some buskers (street performers) that can actually sing, usually my dogs are more tuneful when they bark or whine than those people.
    The pram would have had three wheels, it is the type usually used by yuppie women.
    Best regards to you and your mother.
    John Spooner. Adelaide.

  3. Ty, deep fry that bird!! quicker and holds the moisture in.
    George ~