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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My first day at work

So today was my first day of training. This job is going to be difficult but I hope not impossible because I need the cash. Thurs is my first day of observation out in the field. I work on a commission only basis so that makes it a little more pressure oriented but, I will either make a lot of money or no money at all. I am willing to give it a shot and see how it goes.

Really that has been all of my day today just went to training and that was it. I had 50 bucks eaten by an automated ticket machine at the rail station last week and I am still waiting on my freaking money back but the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly.... sometimes I HATE technology. Speaking of that, if I will be going into the city everyday for work my next purchase will be a weekly rail pass to save me money. We will see how this job goes first. I am now officially a "contractor" which means according to Australian Law I work as my own business so I can write stuff off as business expenses. Never been able to do that before so that is kinda exciting.

Australia is actually really good to travelers/backpackers because all of the tax I pay here while I am in Australia I can get refunded to me when I leave this country. Tonight is Trivia night at my old hostel so I plan on showing up for that, always a good time to be had :)

You know I haven't been extremely home sick yet but, strangely its the little things I miss. I miss being able to make a debit card purchase for 1 dollar. I miss Dr. Pepper. I miss fried Okra. I miss my mom's cooking. I miss my new car. (I hope its still in one piece??) I miss good BBQ and Mexican food. I miss Shiner. and of course I miss my family and my friends. But all in all this has been great and I am glad I took the leap of faith to do this. It will be a good 11 months that I have left here.

I guess thats it for today folks :) thanks for reading. Sometimes I feel like im just spewing drivel on here but honestly I kinda like this whole blogging this. I just write about whatever I feel like but hopefully its fairly entertaining in a non professional way because I always hated English/writing in school. -Tyler

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  1. The car's in great shape. We only put 2,000 miles on it when we went to Florida and back - no problems at all. Very smooth ride!!! Love ya, Mom
    I miss you too.