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Sunday, December 27, 2009


So just recently I went to KFC here in Australia for the first time because I was absolutely starving. I tend to avoid chain fast food restaurants here because they are expensive and not good. No Maccas (Macdonald's) Hungry Jacks (Burger King) for me. Well I paid 10 Aussie dollars for my meal at KFC. That is roughly 8.50 American dollars. For that amount of money you would expect a good amount of food right? WRONG!

I swear my meal was like a child's meal. I got 2 tiny chicken tenders, a very small amount of chips (French Fries) and you know those small round plastic to go containers for salad dressing back in America? they are about 2 ounces big, that is what my mashed potatoes came in. Don't even get me started on the drink, it was so small I finished it in 2 gulps.

I will never go there again. What a waste of money, on the other hand now I really feel that either Australia has really small portion sizes or America has really huge ones haha.

It is a public holiday here today so the bank and post are closed not much to do today but my rant is over now :) I am relaxing and enjoying my time off of work. I really had a great time up in Port Mac although the ride up there in Economy Class on the train left A LOT to be desired, next time I will go First Class for sure!

Australia sure has a lot of public holidays. Yesterday was like a continuation of Boxing Day (day after Christmas)  they gave us the Monday after off, so everyone who did work. Not many people due to New Years holidays got a 4 day work week. Most people dont go back until early to mid Jan they take longer breaks here than they do in America.

The other thing I forgot to mention was when I went to Port Mac I went with my friend to one of those really cool old stereotypical pubs you see in the movies with all the old guys and regulars and everyone knew everyone. It was really neat experience for me. I got to meet 2 Aussie World War Two veterans they were 94 and 91 years old! I still sharp as ever! Very funny and nice guys. That is an experience I will always remember. Now I am met WW2 veterans from more countries than just the US that is pretty neat actually. Alot of history there.

Near home today I saw that homeless guy who plays guitar and balances another on his head. Generally I dont give money to all of the  beggars who come up and ask me but he just amazes me so I give him some change.  It is 2 days until my birthday and almost new years. I hope yall have a good one. I had more to write but again it has slipped my mind. I am gonna start writing down my blog topics as I think of them so I dont
 forget. Yall have a good one,Tyler


  1. Try to avoid the fast-food establishments and pizza bars as they are profiteers and overpriced as you have noted. That is the trap that tourists fall into.
    Ask some locals where they eat as locals know the best and cheapest places to eat.
    Regards the public holidays, Australia is currently "closed" until Wednesday January 27th which is the day after Australia Day. This is the "Great Australian bludge" when most people have their holidays starting from just before Christmas and ending on Australia Day. So in that five week period if you need to see a doctor, have the car repaired or hire a tradesman you wait until after Oz Day.
    Honestly it is bullshit at its worst and a pain in the bum.
    Apart from that, greetings for your birthday.
    Regards. John Spooner. Adelaide, South Australia.


  3. All those days off sounds pretty good. But if you're not getting paid, you could get hungry with the high cost of food. How long could you make it on peanut butter and jelly? Hope your birthday is great. aunt inez

  4. I'm thinking you might need to start liking peanut butter again. Those tiny meals won't keep you fat and full - don't want you losing any weight.
    Love, mom