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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Moving Day

Today I helped the girls move out of their old place and into the new one. In return I get to stay there for a while which is awesome. But, there was a lot of packing to do! Living with 2 girls I didn't really realise how many clothes,shoes and various other stuff girls had until I had to pack it all lol.

Its all said and done and we are moved into the new place. (I dread the unpacking though :( ) really it isnt a horrible deal for me though. Some packing/unpacking and I have a place to stay so I cant really complain too much. The new place is nice but, it was built quite a while ago so it only has 1 bathroom and NO dishwasher and NO dryer and NO AC! Hear that Americans? lol I have to do my clothes on a clothes line and my dishes by hand! crazy huh? they think I am lazy for wanting those things I on the other hand just like to have a more efficient use of my time lol. For the first time in my life I will have to "pre plan" laundry so that I can give it enough to dry on the line outside and be ready to wear.

Well after a day of moving packing/unpacking I am quite tired and dont have much else to say. I go back to work on Monday which is a good thing. I like my new job and it pays well. It was supposed to just be temporary but I am hoping I can stay around for a while. Tomorrow will be full of more unpacking and I dont know what else.

To pull a Jerry Springer, "Yall take care of yourself and each other" haha. -Tyler


  1. Great news about the job AND free place to stay. You're the man!! Love, Mom

  2. I got behind -- just now read your blog for a while and had to laugh at your comments about the language difference. I made a trip to England and we were going to get some jelly and make toast. Your uncle Leonard did the shopping and we got back to the timeshare and found we had a box of jello for breakfast. Congrats on this job. Know you'll be fine. btw -- it was 25 degrees in TX last nite. love, inez

  3. No AC how normal virtually no houses in the UK have it