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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Pictures! and other randomness

I finally got the pictures on Facebook for yall! just copy and paste that link :)

So today will be another random topic day in no particular order lol. First I wanted to say that over here in Australia they have no Walmart or super large chain store like that. Not that I know of anyway, They have Coles and IGA and a few others but for the most part their grocery stores are a lot smaller with less things in them and smaller trolleys (carts) than back home. In Walmart you can buy pretty much anything you can think of. Over here really just food and that is it. They seem to have less of a selection of junk food too.

Here in Australia tax is already included in everything you buy. So the price on the sticker is the price you pay. Actually I really like it and its quite handy I do wish America had that. But, over here they have no penny so the sticker may say 1.46 but they round it down to 1.45. Or it could say 1.99 and they just bump it up to 2 dollars. I haven't figured out why they put 1.46 on the sticker if they are just gonna round down and charge you 1.45 anyway lol.

They also have no one dollar bills just one dollar coins and 2 dollars coins (which are actually really tiny while the 50 cent piece is huge!)Their money is coated in a plastic film so if you wash it in the washing machine or something then it really doesn't matter. I think that is cool. It is also quite colorful and fun while I think American money for the most part is pretty bland.

Free water/bathrooms are really hard to find here in Australia. Water fountains for free use are almost non existent and most restaurants and places wont even give you water unless you pay for it. Same goes for using the restroom, you dont get that privilege unless you are a paying customer so that has frustrated me more than once when I am thirsty and I have to pee!

The banking system is also different here they are only open M-F 8-5 generally speaking so if you work in those hours ( I do) its a little frustrating if you need to get something done. A lot of banks here charge you a service fee for using the branch services indoors instead of just on the Internet and you also have to deposit X amount of dollars per month or they charge you a service fee for not doing so. My bank charges if I dont deposit 2000 dollars a month! But, I was just told they are getting rid of that fee so that is good news for me :)

The petrol (gasoline) here is about 5.20 a gallon which is pretty freaking expensive so you dont see big cars here at all. I haven't seen a single SUV or truck since I have been here except for big work trucks. With gas prices like that I would drive something small too lol. But, traffic in Sydney is always a mess. backed up all the time due to the amount of people and really tiny roads. I would hate to drive here!

I took a free bus to Circular Quay (pronounced KEY) and caught the ferry to Manly Beach then I took another bus to Dee Why Beach and it was really nice to relax today I did take pictures like I promised finally! Well at least I finally did it haha. I hope you like them. The girls I am living with got a new roommate today so now we are up to 3+ me. Life is good though :) I am still breathing, in one piece with food in my stomach and a roof over my head and a job. No complaints here.

Yall stay warm ( or cool) wherever you are. I am all done for today hope you enjoy my random blogs. -Tyler

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  1. I tried to view the Facebook page but just received an error message "no documents match your search".
    Regards petrol, as you have noted the price is far too high, however that is due to greedy resellers and oil companies plus our stupid weak politicians and price regulator. However most taxis and commercial vehicles run on LPG (liquified propane gas) which is about the third the cost of petrol. I run my 4wd utility (pick-up) on it and currently is is around 65 cents per litre.
    We never have been a nation of large cars and "yank-tanks", hence the reason for not seeing such vehicles.
    We call the big latest model 4wd`s that you see being driven by a demur lady taking the kids to private school "Toorak Tractors", after the snobby yuppie suburb of Toorak in Melbourne.
    As you have found, our banking system is restrictive and somewhat behind the times.
    Best regards.
    John Spooner. Adelaide, South Australia.