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Friday, December 11, 2009

Portion Sizes

I just noticed the size of our trashcan today at our new place. Its really small! I guess it isnt small for Australian standards but it sure is for me. Back home we have a green trashcan on wheels and it just seemed normal size to me but you could fit 2 or 3 of our Aussie trashcans in the American one we have back home.

I never really noticed that our food portion sizes were larger than everyone else until I got here. I am not quite sure why they are so small here (or so big in America if you like lol) its just different. I went to a Mexican restaurant with some friends and paid like 26 Australian dollar which is over 20 bucks American and I got fajitas. They were good but the portion size was pretty small. I was left still hungry and I paid more than I would back home.

Maybe that is why America has an obesity problem, we are given larger portions not even realising that what we are given is larger than everyone else's. It may seem like I am really ragging on America here but I am not. I am just trying to note a difference because Australia does have one of the world's worst obesity rates. I guess it just has something to do being in a developed nation with access to everything you could want.

That being said, the only "fast food" places I have seen in Sydney so far like chain style is Maccas (Macdonald's) and Hungry Jacks (Burger King but with a different name) and Subway there is no Wendy's or anything else like that. Its just kebab stands and other random restaurants plus all your food in China Town.

Everything just seems to be downsized here as far as portion size goes. My Aussie roommates jokingly call me the lazy American because I am used to having a dishwasher,dryer,a large oven (ours is really small) and having AC in the house. All of these things are luxuries but I guess after having them all at your disposal for your whole life you think of them more as a God given right lol. Well I have a different perspective on things which is good.

It has been an adjustment for me getting less stuff for more money haha but such is life. I really cant complain, I have a roof over my head. a steady job. food in my stomach. Life is good :) Not many people get the chance to come half way across the world and do this so I am luckier than most to have a supportive family and friends who let me randomly pack up and move half way across the world. So all is good so far.

Thats all for today I guess. Your traveling Texan,Tyler

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