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Saturday, December 12, 2009

So I just wanted to blog again today

Just to say that for the first time in my adult life since being here I have had daily access public transportation. Back home we drive our personal cars everywhere because everything is so spread out and we have no public transportation network where I live.

The public transport here is a double edged sword, on the plus side it cost me about 40 dollars a week and I get unlimited access on the train,bus and ferry to anywhere I wanna go.

On the negative side the time tables seem to me more like "guidelines" and not set in stone because sometimes my train/bus/ferry is early and sometimes its late. You kinda just gotta stab in the dark and hope you get one roughly on time. Normally this isn't an issue for me but, if I miss my train to work in the morning that really causes a lot of issues! But overall its good and I like it. Sitting in traffic and trying to drive on the left side of the road is not my idea of fun at all haha.

The only other thing that frustrates me about Australia is that most businesses including the bank/post office etc are closed on weekends and the businesses that are open on the weekends shut by 5pm generally. This wouldn't really be an issue for me except that I work M-F 8-4pm and I am generally not home until 5pm or later so if I need to get anything done its really hard! I know I might sound like I whine a lot about Australia but I really dont mean it sound that way. These are more just daily observations spilling out of my brain and onto here. In fact I quite like it here and things are pretty good. Sydney isn't so bad and in a few months I will be traveling anyway!

Yall take care,Tyler


  1. You said, "in a few months I'll be traveling anyways." - where are you going?

    Have you met any "special ladies"? wink, wink ;-)

  2. Just finished reading the last couple of entries. I keep picturing Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory - it was a very funny episode from I Love Lucy (before your time). They were on this assembly line that was going really fast - you'll have to watch it one day and see if it brings back fond memories of this job. Take care of that blister and glad to hear you're drinking lots of water. Love ya, Mom

  3. Yeah dude, you got to get out of Sydney. Julie