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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My trip to South East Asia

So a friend and I have randomly decided to go to Thailand,Laos and Cambodia on Feb 1. I have never been to SE Asia and I am excited! I cant wait to travel around somewhere, where it is still cheap and I wont be spending a whole ton of money. I will be keeping yall updated as much as possible over there and it is still  two months away but I am pumped.

After my trip I will be flying back to Australia to work some more and travel and then I will be doing New Zealand too. I will be here in Sydney til Feb then after that I am off! :) so I am happy to be starting my real adventures soon-ish. Until then I will be here working.

I got thru my training yesterday and on Thurs I officially start my day at the new job. It will be difficult I think but hopefully not impossible to make some cash. I am now a self employed business owner/contractor according to Australian Law so that is kinda exciting. I dont get any benefits from this new job such as health care etc... But, I dont pay much tax at all and what tax I do pay I can claim when I leave Australia.

Today I am just gonna relax and pack a few more things before my big move to my new house on Friday. so hopefully that goes well. Yall have a good one,Tyler

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  1. Well Have fun in SE Asia avoid lakes in Burma lol. I am headed to the US on December 28th myself