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Friday, December 04, 2009

My one day as a door to door salesman

Well I lasted one day as a door to door salesman lol. Some people can do that and I really admire those who can. But that isnt me. I observed a guy ( he did all the selling and I just watched). We were out there for 6 hours and we must have knocked on 50 or 60 doors. Of course not everyone was home but in that 6 hours we got 4 confirmed sales. That isn't many at all. and the new guys got zero. it was commission only so I just couldn't risk making no money day after day. But, on the bright side even though I quit I did learn some valuable sales skills and how to read people and try and convince them of things.

Honestly, the product we were selling was actually a decent one. Basically the Australian govt has subsidized "green eco power" making it just as cheap as polluting coal power. ( a great move I wish the states would do). So it literally costs the customer nothing to switch over to green power. The power lines and such are still owned by a "distributor" so they dealt with all the blackouts,meter reads etc...

All we were supposed to do is be a "retailer" just putting green energy back into the grid to be sent out thereby reducing pollution.Literally the only thing that changed was the name on the electricity bill and who sent it out. I think its a noble concept but its a hard sell. I am sure the company I was going to work for gets their money somehow from the Aussie govt I am just not sure how. There was honestly no catch to this thing that I could figure out but it was so hard to convince people to do it!

People were so worried that everything would change and they just couldn't handle that idea. There is always people that will say no to anything. Even a corvette for 1.50. There is people who are on the fence and people just ready to say yes. Many people were skeptical that this could be free AND good for the earth. But, honestly I would be too. We were threatened with physical violence once. Saw a really scary dog once. Had doors slammed in our faces and rude people. But, there was also some really nice people too. All the Aussies liked that I was from America. Anyway long story short door to door sales isnt big back home in America and it is big here but people hate it just as much lol. you CAN make a living like that but its extremely hard and just not for me. So I quit.

But, on the same day I got a call from a job agency offering me work at a factory. So of course I took it. Get this: I get paid quite a bit of money to put stickers on boxes. Now this has to be done quickly and in a certain order so it isn't TOTALLY easy and its mind numbing as there is about 50,000 boxes to do but its a job! and apparently I am good enough at it for them to want me back Monday! So I am making more money than I ever made back in America and I am putting stickers on boxes lol. The people were great there and really made me feel at home. I had a good day but I was dead tired after it! They said it would only be temporary but I go back on Monday and I am hoping they keep asking for me back :) I am a happy man! Finally a decent real job that is good.

Also this weekend I moved. Still with friends but we moved to a house. Its a nice place but it was built quite a while ago so its small but cozy and I like it. I will be there for the next month or so I think. My friends really treat me well and both of them take good care of me and help me out. In return all I had to do was help them move. Pretty good deal I think :) So this weekend I will be unpacking all their stuff. But really I cant complain. Money is flowing again, I am doing something productive and have a job for the moment anyway. Life is good :)

Ok I will stop rambling. Yall have a good one back over there on the other side of the pond. -Tyler

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