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Thursday, December 10, 2009

More about work

I have nothing else to blog about today so I will blog about work. I got this job thru a temp agency meaning I get zero benefits I can be let go at anytime but, as long as the keep asking for me back I keep coming back. I work for Fuji/Xerox about an hour outside of Sydney. All day long I stick labels on boxes but, today I got to do something different. I put warranty paperwork in boxes!

The warehouse I work in is full of hot sweaty people as it is about 1000 degrees in there all the time. So by the end of the day I am hot dirty and tired. (But dont worry mom I am drink alot of water!) for those of you who know me, you know I dont drink as much water as I should but I am doing better.

My job might sound boring and it is sometimes doing the same thing over and over ( I have blisters on my thumb from the sticker gun lol) but, I work with good people and I really like it there. I dont know how long it will last but I hope quite a while because I get paid well to do any easy job.

I say my job is easy and it is but, it isn't just a flat out cakewalk because you have to be really fast as the pallets of boxes dont stop coming and the labels have to go in a certain spot so I mean it does take some skill.

The only real fun the guys and gals at my work have is driving the forklifts at insanely high speeds and honking loudly at each other while playing chicken with overloaded pallets haha. So, you gotta watch where you walk! But, as long as you stay on the designated foot path then you are alright. I would love to be fork lift certified but it cost 400 dollars and takes 3 days and I may not even have this job for that long so it really wouldn't be worth it for me. So I just let them do all the loading and unloading and I do my job.

Well its almost Friday here so only 1 more day of work for me til the weekend that is exciting! Payday is next week too :)
Ok I have been off work for like 30 minutes now after my hour train ride home and I am quite tired so that is all the effort I can muster for today. Yall have a good un'. -Tyler


  1. *Must be a lady. Must be a lady. Must be a lady.*

    Uhhh...well...hmmm....right. ---> Hello.
    Look, it's all I could come up with, yo. Gimme some time. This "lady" stuff ain't easy!!

    We're all proud of our favorite Texan!!
    *big huggggs*

  2. Blisters on your thumb from work, a likely story. Glad you are having a good time.