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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost xmas

Well it is almost Xmas here and soon I will be off to Port Macquarie for Christmas (about 5 hours by train from Sydney) so it should be a good time with friends. I dont have to work the 24th like I thought so that is a good thing! Well due to the postal strike any packages I want to send/receive may not get here so I am not gonna be bothered about all that until after Christmas but thank you friends and family anyway :)

Work was good this week and now I just have one more day left of it til Xmas break. I did go to the beach this past weekend (Manly) and got a bit sunburned even though I used sunscreen but it isn't even the worst one I have ever had so I will live. I also got a map of South East Asia as I will be going there in Feb. Generally I am not a planner at all, just the plane ticket then I figure it out but I figured it might be good to at least have a general plan for my time over there. I will be going with one or two of my friends so anyway I have a month and a half to bum around over there and see how it treats me. I cant use chop sticks so I will be bringing a knife and fork lol.

I saw that new movie Avatar in 3D over the weekend. at first I thought it was gonna be quite stupid and I generally dont go for those types of movies but, even though it was a hair over 3 hours long it was really really good! It really kept your attention the whole time and you didn't feel like it was 3 hours. The computer generated graphics were the most amazing I have ever seen. I paid about 18 US dollars to go see this movie which is insanely expensive but it was worth it and honestly for 8 more dollars I could have seen it at the true IMAX theatre which would have been even better.

So you know how I mentioned about the registered charities here (red cross,heart association etc) how they want you to sign up with them for 1 or 2 years and automatically take money out of your bank account on a monthly basis. Crazy I know?! They should just ask for straight up donations but they dont. Well the employees are mostly backpackers and they work on a 100% commission basis so really they just act like vultures hounding you trying to get your money. I always turn them down because I dont have the money to spare and I wont be here more than a year anyway. ( I looked into getting a 2nd year visa but for Americans it is impossible)

Well just today I turned them down again saying I had somewhere to be. I honestly had to be at the bank! so I was in a rush. Well the guy kept talking even though I told him I had to go so I just walked off and then he said "You suck!" I thought it was very rude and if I hadn't been in such a rush I would have reported him. That is no way to get any money from anyone. But, to be fair I have been hounded many many times since arriving in Australia by these charities and this is my first bad experience.

Everyone is seeming to scatter for the holidays here in Australia and I am sure its the same all around the world. I dont have much else to write so I will go now. But whoever you are, wherever you are you have a Merry Christmas and take care. I will enjoy my time on the beach lol. -Tyler


  1. WOW - Christmas at the beach!! Lucas will be so jealous. That would be his ideal Christmas and the other 364 days a year. Enjoy the day - we'll call you from Nana's house. All my love, mom

  2. Have a great holiday Tyler- Im sure your family is missing you. I wonder does santa surf up to the houses in Australia?

  3. Merry Christmas Ty, have a great time and enjoy your trip

  4. Santa came early this year and gave most of us a gift called a Stimulus Package. The catch is that the next generation or two will have to pay the resultant deficit off with an increased tax burden.
    Charity collectors have a poor reputation here in Oz and the methods used by many charities can be misleading with no tranparancy. Do not worry about the galah who gave you the trouble as he is not indicative of most of my fellow countrymen.
    Regards. John S. Adelaide.