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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Working and such

So I got a new job, I really like it a lot! I work with great people and I work at the Fuji/Xerox plant about an hour (by train) outside of Sydney. I get paid a ridiculous amount of money to put labels on ink cartridges for printers. It sounds really easy but, you have to be really fast and the stickers have to go in a certain spot and after 8 hours of that it really wears you out I have a blister on my thumb from the sticker gun lol. But, I am happy! I got this job thru a temp agency so it may not last long but, I have already been there longer than they said I would be there so that is good news. It is nice to have money coming in instead of just spending it all!

Last night I saw the movie Zombieland with a German friend of mine. I really did enjoy that movie. Woody Harrelson and all the cast is great with a great cameo from Bill Murray. Anyone who knows me knows I hate horror movies but this is a horror comedy so it isn't scary at all. In Australia the movies are more expensive than back home but not TOO much more as long as you dont buy candy/drinks/popcorn etc... In Australia they actually assign you a seat in the movie theater. That was odd to me, you can pick your section but not your actual seat.

On the way to the movie theater we saw a street performer. In Sydney there is quite a lot of them and most of them are not good at all but, this guy was playing a guitar AND balancing one on his head at the same time! it was amazing. I gave him 5 bucks.

I got a pass that gives me unlimited travel on Sydney's public transport for 8 days so its quite convenient for me. But the damn rail station still owes me money!. I will be here in Sydney until Feb 1st then I am off to Thailand with a friend so I am excited about that!

What else, I am still unpacking the house getting the girls and myself all moved in but its not too bad. I really wanna relax this weekend though. I had Vietnamese food for dinner last night it was good but, I still need to learn how to use Chopsticks or bring my own silverware to SE Asia lol.

I wanna take a trip to the Blue Mountains soon I think its just a day trip outside of Sydney. I know I still have no pictures for yall but the problem is now I am becoming less of a tourist and more of local it bores me lol. But I promise sometime soon I will go out and wander with my camera and get some pictures.

Ok I think I am done for today. I know that was a lot of random written diarrhea just all over the place lol. But soon it will be Xmas and my birthday and I hope yall are all having fun and staying nice and warm wherever you are! ( or staying cool if your here in Oz) -Tyler


  1. That is odd they would assign you seats at the movies. Sounds like the street entertainers are pretty fun to watch. Are there many homeless people? We miss you, Mom

  2. Hi Ty hun, just catching up with your going on, glad you are doing ok and taking care of yourself. Terri x

  3. Oh yeah! I'm glad you got to see Zombieland!!! You better nut up or shut up boy!

    I just love that movie! It is easily my favorite for the entire year! I want to go take my friend Davy (from Belgium) to go see it but its no longer showing anywhere, I think. :-(

    Glad you got a good paying job, even if it is temporary. Well, one of these days life's little twinkie gauge is going to go empty! So live it up!! ;-)