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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I thought this was absolutely blog worthy

So my day has barely started and I have already started it off on the wrong foot. I don't have much to blog about but I wanted to vent about this.  So at the place I am staying now there is 4 bathrooms on our floor but only 2 showers (its a smaller hostel) and of the 2 showers only one works really well. Now I know exactly which one it is and I assume it just common knowledge to everyone which one it is.

So I was waiting for my shower this morning, for the "good" shower. While I was waiting this other guy showed up and he was waiting with me. Now by default since I was waiting longer I should have gotten the good shower right?! Well the "bad" shower opened up first...

He then said "You take it" to seem like he was being polite but I KNOW that guy KNEW he was giving me the bad shower! But, out of mutual politeness I was forced to accept it while he got the good shower even though he waited less time!

Next time this happens I will "Insist" he take it thereby securing myself the good shower :)

 I had a better day after my crappy shower. I went to Mt Eden and walked around and went to a fairly famous burger place here in Auckland called Murder Burger. (Strange name but good burgers) They weren't as good as Ferg Burger in Queenstown but they were pretty good. So I had a fairly productive day after looking for jobs all morning ( I have some good leads but, its getting close to Christmas time so everything is slowing down) :(

Later that night I went to the Language Exchange Club with CS and had a great time soon I am going to be starting my Spanish lessons so that is a good thing for me! We also all went to CS drink night and had a great time there as per usual :) now I have plans with CS'ers for Christmas so it should be great fun to have people to hang out with over the holidays!
That is all. -Tyler

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