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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back at the job hunt

Well I have had two different interviews with Labour Hire companies here in Auckland. I am pretty positive I will find work with one of them soon so that is a good thing. Here lately the weather has been pretty crap but they keep telling me summer is coming so I sure hope so! I did manage to get in a swim with my new host Glenn and his mate so that was fun! Its a really nice pool close to the ocean. I swam 120 meters/360 something feet and I was dying haha so I am way out of shape but it was still fun.

There is a lot of festivals and such going on here lately since we are coming into summer/Christmas season and soon it will be my birthday! CS is having a Thanksgiving soon (in 5 days) all American style and it is going to be great I can't wait! I still need to figure out what I am going to bring though :(

Other than my interview I haven't done too terribly much today I decided to just relax and take it easy and not be so full on. So it has been a good day even though we have had bad weather. I did manage to catch up with Josiah and some other friends though so it was good. Tomorrow I am being a tour guide even though I have only been here 2.5 weeks haha. I am meeting a girl who just got in Auckland I am going to show her around the city and what not. I also have another girl to meet in  2 days for the same thing so it should be good.

Drink night is on Wednesday again and soon CS is going on a camping trip which I want to go on so I will be pretty full on soon! I met a guy on the street today who was from Seattle, we had a good chat while walking to our respective designations. Tomorrow I think I will go for another swim. There is also a jazz festival I want to go too and a "Taste of Auckland" but it is really expensive! So I don't think I will go : (

All is well in Tyler Land though so I will talk to yall later. Take care,Tyler

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