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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interesting few days for me....

Well as I blogged before I have been dealing with my friend's sudden death just recently so that has been hard on me but things have been improving since then. Yesterday I went out with a friend of a friend to a beautiful bay here in Auckland called Mission Bay and it was a great day so I really enjoyed myself! We had a great time for sure and it was also the annual Santa Parade here which I caught a bit of. It was not amazing but it seemed pretty good and there was about a million people there haha.

Recently I have been rooked out of some money due to my own fault. Luckily it hasn't been a huge amount and I have really tried to see the positive side of this and think "Glass Half Full". I bought a new backpack recently and I really like it but obviously I wanted to sell my old one since I no longer needed it. It is well used (I have had it about 5 years or more now) but it is still fully functional.

So I figured I could get at least $75 for it but I was willing to negotiate. So I listed it on Ebay as you do these days, it seems online selling is easier. I wasn't really getting any bids so I figured I would just have to give it away. I was a little disappointed but whatever. Then at the last minute someone bid. They bid $6.50. Now here is where the mistake comes in. I have bought off Ebay but never sold anything. I didn't realise until it was too late that you could set a "minimum bid" so mine was set at a dollar. So, this dude has got a $100 backpack for less than the price of a meal at Macdonald's.

But, I am trying to take this in stride and realise that I have helped out some guy get a good backpack for cheap. I also have got SOME money for it ( I have enough money for a value meal at Burger King lol) But I learned my lesson about this whole Ebay thing and I am sure this guy is really pleased with his amazing deal haha. Also, the money I spent on this was spent long long ago and its long gone so it isn't as if I am really losing a great deal of money.

I also got jipped out of 3 dollars (kinda) I was walking down the street and here in Auckland there is tons and tons of "street performers",musicians,con artists,homeless... you name it we got it here. But its always interesting. So I was walking by and this guy says to me "Everyone with those shoes gets a free gift" now of course just instinctively I looked up. (Everyone likes free stuff right?!) so this guy professes to be a monk (He is dressed like one and has a monk-ish) haircut. But then he tells me that I can have this "free gift" if I only give him enough to cover the printing cost (it was a some book on yoga or mediation etc)

I really didn't want it but, this guy was a masterful negotiator. He did everything perfectly, he made me invest MY time in him and he stalled me so all I wanted him to do was go away and even when I protested he kept it up. So he said "Any amount of money will do" and he suggested I give him 3 dollars for the book. So I did just to get rid of him but I wasn't the least bit interested in yoga or mediation or anything. So ya luckily it was only three dollars and I really hope he actually used that for some good cause.  

Hmm.... other than that I am now at a hostel and I have stopped couch surfing for the time being. I am also looking for long term work because my previous construction job was just a week long temp assignment but I know I will find long term work soon. Also, one of my best mates here (He is American) he left today to go back home via Fiji and Hawaii that lucky bastard. I will miss him he is a good guy and we had some great times together but I will be visiting him in Boston when I get home! I also gave him some tips on Fiji since I went there two years ago. So safe travels my friend and see you when I get back home :)

One last thing, I just blogged a few days ago about how I hope I have inspired someone in life and apparently I have! It is a really good feeling! Some of you may or may not know that I was born premature and I have a medical condition that required brain surgery. Well luckily I had great doctors and they managed to piece me back together again. Anyway, I joined a group on facebook with people who have had a similar surgery.

I just randomly got a message today from a girl in that group. I had made a post about skydiving and how much I love to do it even with my medical condition and she told me that it was ME who inspired her to try skydiving and she went and did it and loved it! :) I felt really honoured by that.

Late Edit: You know how I am, as I do I find other stuff I want to write about so here I go. I like that in Auckland the weather is getting warmer now finally. I also like that when you cross the major intersections they have a "countdown clock" so you exactly how long you have before the cars start to come at you! Today I had lunch at a great hole in the wall Chinese place. I love those little tiny random restaurants they always have the best food!

I found out I can take Spanish Lessons for 150 bucks for 9 weeks and I am going to finally commit and do it! I will need to know how speak Spanish for South America so this will be good for me anyway. I am excited to knocking it off my bucket list as well. Here in Auckland they have "city ambassadors" who walk around and help you find stuff when your lost. Well today I found one, a girl... and she was from Brazil. It turns out she going back to Brazil the exact time I will be there and she offered me a place to stay for free! I love randomly meeting people like this! and she showed me exactly where I needed to go so all in all a good day so far :) Oh ya, I am also considering salsa dancing lessons along with the Spanish lessons but I think I will tackle one thing at a time lol.

Ok thats it for now, I am off. -Tyler

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