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Thursday, November 04, 2010

I made it alive to Auckland

So I made it alive to AKL. My flight was actually EARLY which is really rare! I have flown hundreds of thousands of miles and so far only a few times have I actually been early. I had big drama's leaving Australia though. They just could not be convinced that I had a proper work visa for New Zealand when I did! It was frustrating for me because I was just trying to figure out why they should even care! I was leaving their country not staying haha. Of course per usual (because I seem to put off the drug dealer vibe for some reason) I was "randomly" searched and checked for explosives.

Once I actually got to New Zealand I had zero dramas at the airport. They didn't search me or ask me any questions I just breezed right thru. Considering how late it was (midnight) I just slept at the airport. I slept in a booth at a closed maccas restaurant haha. about 7am some Macdonald employees woke me up and kicked me out but I slept pretty well actually.

After that, I took a shuttle bus into the city and got started on getting a bank account set up (done) getting accommodation set up (done) getting a job (I have an interview on monday already!) I went to get my tax number so I can work here legally and had huge dramas! You can only apply for it at the post office but because my passport has the "R" in Tyler dropped off and none of my other forms on ID it caused them big problems. I explained the situation but I ended up having to get photo copies of ALL my ID (luckily it was only 20 cents a pop) and FINALLY after speaking to some immigration guy on the phone I got it all sorted. Now lets just hope the suitcase I shipped over here is actually here!

It is 16 degrees C and I left Cairns where it was 33 degrees C so that is a big drop!  I hate this cold! but today is a holiday so it should be fun tonight with fireworks etc. I am going out with some couch surfers so it should be good. So all in all I am doing ok so far :) thats all I got for now. Yall take care and I will have more later. -Tyler

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