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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Work work work until Thanksgiving!

So every inch of my body hurts. I have blisters on my hands and my heels. I come home filthy dirty and dusty every day. But I am learning tons of new skills. I have poured concrete,using an angle grinder and laid rebar. When I get home I am going to have a very interesting resume haha. Every day at work has gone super super fast because we stay so busy, it is really full on! There is so much to do to build a car park/parking garage! There is hundreds of workers on this site and everyone is always doing something. I used to be really afraid of heights but, since I have started skydiving and bungee jumping, all that crazy stuff my fear has got much less. I will admit though the scariest part of my day by far is climbing up a rickety scaffolding 9 storeys up to the top of this car park and starting my day!

It is on the outside of the building and quite windy! I am sure in a week are so I will be back in great shape and not so sure but right now ALL of me hurts. I don't really have to use my brain much at this job but I use my body constantly all day! It does feel good to do an honest day's mans man work lol.  I eat lunch at a shopping centre close to where I work and it is funny to walk by people they stare at me alot and recoil because I am usually so filthy by lunch time haha. I never realised how much work it took to make just a simple car park and how absolutely filthy a construction site is! The only thing that bothers me is you have to provide your own gear for EVERYTHING.

I knew I had to use my own boots and hardhat that was no problem but, I asked for a pair of gloves and they had none to give me. So I found some on the ground and they had holes in them so I have blisters all over my hands. I also asked for eye protection for when I was grinding and they had nothing to I got dust in my eyes and that really sucked. Until someone let me borrow their sunglasses. The only problem was I was indoors so I couldn't really see much at all and I still got dust in my eyes! I have been really disappointed in them not providing basic stuff like that or at least telling me I needed it! Thank god I had my own ear protection and they at least gave me a simple dust mask!

Ok enough about work. I want to talk about my Turkey Day this year! Last year I had no Thanksgiving in Australia and it was a bummer because I love Thanksgiving! Well this year I had a "family" to celebrate it with! I got together with about 30 couch surfers (Americans and non Americans) and we had a huge feast! I actually made mashed potatoes and they were a big hit! ( I will give credit where credit is due and thank Cassie, my awesome friend here who came over and helped me haha) It was really awesome to celebrate with lots of people and just have a great time. I got to hang out with my good mate Josiah and all was well in the world :)

I hope all of yall had a great Turkey Day and you take care,Tyler

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