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Monday, November 08, 2010

Just a little update so far

Well today has been an interesting day so far. My first Monday in Auckland. I am busy tying up some loose ends, this and that. I should have a job interview soon which will be good! Today at the bus stop I met a really neat old guy. I love talking to old people. See the key is just to shut up and listen. They have so much to say and so much knowledge to pass on if you only listen!

He was 86 years old and born in England. He moved to New Zealand in 1956! Long before I was born haha. He was married for 57 years until his wife passed away. He has three kids and seven grandkids. Sadly he said he doesn't see his kids or grandkids much because he actually recently remarried and his family was very angry about that. I met his wife and she seemed very nice but looked to be 20-30 years younger than him. Not a 20 year old gold digger by any means but definitely younger than him. It really was a shame he was just doing what made him happy in life and his family got so angry over it they won't even speak to him :(

I saw a really interesting street performer too! He was a Mime. He only had one arm and he had the prosthetic claw thing on the other arm. So immediately he caught my eye of course. His sign said he stands there totally still all day and only moves if you give him money. For silver coins (less money) he will move and for gold coins (1,2 dollar coins) he will sing! Well I decided to give him some silver and sure enough he did move. It was interesting to say the least.

I have only been here three days so far but, surprisingly I am homesick for Australia. I miss it. The money is weird here and I am having to adjust too it. I knows its only a few days and I will get over it but I do miss Oz. But, NZ isn't a bad place to be. Change just doesn't come quick and easy sometimes. I will be fine though :) Vodafone (my phone company in Australia and here) is a little more frustrating here in New Zealand, their system works totally different and independent from Australia. You get much less value for your money here and it seems to be more expensive but, what can you do? Such is life and you just gotta roll with the punches.

I saw yet another street performer (they seem to be everywhere!) this time it was a guy playing a flute while standing on a box haha. He was good but, it just didn't seem worthy of my money. It was just unusual to see a man playing a flute I guess. Here in New Zealand the two dollar coin is the larger coin and the one dollar coin is the smaller coin (which is logical right) but, in Australia it is reversed. Since I just spent 12 months in Australia I am just having to adjust to the money over here. All of the bills and coinage are different but I think after a week or so I will get it.

I have found some more of those uncontrolled intersections that I loved so much in Australia, here in Auckland! Which is great because it means I can cross the street diagonally from all four directions and save myself a lot of time. I do love those :) I also went to the eye doctor to get myself a backup pair of glasses ( I wear contacts) and two separate guys who worked there both told me I looked like Brad Pitt. Honestly I don't see the resemblance a whole lot myself but I think it may be in the jaw line. Well in any case I will take it! haha. You would be surprised how many times I get told I look like Brad Pitt ( Yes that means you Leonie and Kay :P ) I find it complementary but amusing at the same time.

One last thing  I wanted to mention was I hate when you are told something/sold something and you are mislead. I am sure this happens all over the world all the time but I had it happen to me twice so far here in New Zealand. It is just frustrating to pay for something and be clearly told this is what you will get and then you get something totally not what you were expecting yet you still have to pay for it! As I say, I am quite sure it happens all over the world it is just frustrating!

Well I hope my blog today didn't sound too complain-ish because so far I have had a good time and things have gone well its just the little things that trip you up when you first move to a new country. Like trying to figure out their transport system ( I have no car here) Auckland has four different bus companies that run all over the city and around it and they don't seem to work together so it is complicated! I wish it were simpler but I will get it eventually.

Well thats all I got for now. Take care,Tyler

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