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Thursday, November 11, 2010


I really thought I should blog about this because it is actually important too me so at least the first part of this blog today won't be my usual blah blah blah. Because today my friends I am blogging about freedom. You might think that is an odd topic to blog about but, I was just reminded how lucky I am to have freedom and I definitely count my blessings! Because not everyone in this world has it.

Right now I am couch surfing with an Indian,a Russian and a Chinese couple. As you can imagine the Russian and Chinese Governments are not the most liberal free governments in the world. They (my roommates at the moment) have left their respective countries because they don't have the God given right to express their own views on life nor do they have the right to information. They have told me many stories about life in their countries and how people are so oppressed. They struggle against their governments but nothing changes. When the government can control information (i.e. The Internet/TV) they can effectively control the people. They are only told what the government wants them to hear and nothing else.  No one should have to live like that especially in 2010!

Basically what I am saying is no matter where you are reading this from, if it is in the civilised western world consider yourself lucky. I can spew on here basically whatever I want and it is called Freedom of Speech. Freedom to have my own damn opinion about whatever I please. You have the Freedom to read it or not to read it. So consider yourself lucky. I am sure your country isn't perfect, I know mine isn't but at least we are free and freedom is a privilege that can sadly be taken away it isn't a right in some countries. Just remember that please. I definitely try too.

Ok Rant over :) back to your normal programming haha

I walked around and had a city tour with a CS'er as I said earlier and we stumbled upon an outdoor art exhibit. Some famous photographer had taken a lot of photos and enlarged them then put captions under them. As I was walking around viewing them I realised I have actually been in person to many of the famous places around the world that he photographed. Places most people can only dream about and I have done it all before 30. I have seen and experienced so much in such a short time sometimes it is hard to keep in all in perspective but, I really try hard not to be "snobbish" about it and just consider myself very lucky!

I have spoken before about the confusing bus system here. Soon I am going to go down to the transport centre and try and get some help figuring it out. Because as I said there is like 4 to 5 different bus companies and they all go different places and don't talk to each other. I have never seen anything like it! It is very complicated and I have found so far it is easier for me to just figure out on my own than to ask a driver.

In my 12 months in Australia I didn't meet very many Americans at all. Americans just don't seem to travel as much as other nationalities but, thru Couch Surfing I have actually met quite a few here and I hope to have a real American thanksgiving this year since I missed mine last year! You know what else I miss about America? Subway prices. Let me explain. In America you can get the 5 dollar foot long sub. In Australia it was 6.50 and in New Zealand it is 7.90! I just wish it was back to 5 dollars haha. So, Americans consider yourself lucky when you go to Subway.

You know I have traveled quite extensively and I think the only countries in the world that I have been too that HAVEN'T had a Macdonald's were Laos and Cambodia. Maccas is everywhere! You can really judge a country by the quality and prices at its Macdonald's. I dont eat their much, I was just never a fan but I find it kind of like a barometer for any country I go too because they have a certain standard of quality even if all the menu items aren't exactly the same.

I wanted to mention was how I think I got a little lazy once Ben and I moved to Brisbane. Because we didn't have to do much walking, just take the train everywhere. Well here there is no functional train as far as I know and I can't figure out the bus system so I walk. Man my legs have been killing me lately! haha. But, a weekly bus fairly expensive I think so I am at least keeping my transport costs down and getting back in some sort of shape.

So as I said before right now I am living with an Indian,a Russian and a Chinese couple. I am going to start teaching them English lessons soon. That will be interesting for sure haha. Because not only have I never done it but, now due to being in Australia for so long I speak a mixture of American/Australian/British English with some Kiwi thrown in! haha so we will have to see how it goes. But, I have some very good "students" and I look forward to it considering that I may want to actually do this professionally one day in Thailand.

I always find it interesting that people from other countries choose English sounding names. Bernd chose Ben, and my Chinese couple they choose Raymond and Angela even though that is nothing close to what their actual names are haha. I am hoping I can do well with this though and Angela actually convinced me to apply at her English school so maybe just maybe I will work there. I will keep yall posted, and keep you posted on my job/living situation.

Late Edit: I really wanted to mention my new Russian friend is really into Classic Rock. I was amazed at how much he knew and how much he loves the music on my computer haha. I am helping him with his English skills and we both share a love of great classic rock. His favourite band of all time is Foreigner so while we are studying I usually have that pumping :) I am still constantly amazed at how much American music/culture has spread all over the world and this is just one good example.

Yall take care,Tyler

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