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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Goodbye Australia, Hello New Zealand

This is it really the next time I blog for you I will be in New Zealand. I have been here 364 days now (minus) my 3 months in Asia. I have loved pretty much every minute here and Australia is a great country. I am really not wanting to leave and wish I could stay but legally I can't so tomorrow by midnight I will be in New Zealand for five months starting over. It will be good but I will really miss Australia a lot (especially Brisbane and Airlie Beach) I could go on and on about all this stuff but really I have covered everything I wanted to say in my previous blogs. I did manage to travel roughly 2000 kilometers or 4000 miles in a camper van made in 1979 and do it with Ben and Heiner and we all survived so that is quite the feat :)

I did want to give a special mention to Frank our current host for Couch Surfing. He has been totally awesome! He is quite the prolific host, he has hosted over 150 couch surfers and I can see why! He has been totally open and giving to us taking good care of us and he is also an environmentalist and a vegetarian so he has really opened my mind and my eyes to different perspectives in life. I would still very much consider myself a carnivore but, I can now say at least I have eaten Zucchini and realised there is more to eat than just meat haha. It has been great and Ben and I will miss our time here!

So goodbye Australia. I will miss you. Hello New Zealand.

Edit: It sucks that I got sick 2 days ago. Now I have a full blown typical head cold 24 hours before I leave but I am going to the chemist and I will live.

Take care,Tyler

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