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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am employed!

Well after two or three weeks of searching I got a job! Today was my first day working at a true construction site. Glad I held onto my hardhat and steel cap boots and all that stuff from Oz. Because I sure needed it today. I showed up this morning and met the site director. I thought he would ask me some questions or ask to see ID or whatever but nope, nothing.

He just said "Your number five" as in labourer number five lol. So I got matched up with the "floor boss" and he paired me with another guy. The floor boss didn't tell me what to do or anything he just said "You will work with him" Luckily the other guy knew what to do. But, it was his first day just as it was mine! So both of us had no idea where anything was haha

After a while we managed to figure out where the toilets were,when break time was etc. So it was kind of a trial by fire but our job was to clean up the floors and move concrete. We are working in a semi completed parking garage/car park. They seemed to be big on safety there but, not big on instruction, or efficiency haha. Our job was to clean the floor (picture in your mind how massive one level of a parking garage/car park is) and to move lots and lots of concrete.

So, we made lots of little piles of dust and crap (it was SO dusty there!) next to each pylon in the garage. Then about lunch time our boss finally came by and told us to sweep each one into a massive pile. Once we swept all that crap into one big pile we had to move this giant pile. Then finally after that we had to dump all the crap from this huge pile into a huge dumpster/skip bin that was hoisted up by a crane. So rather than them actually having a dumpster/skip bin on the level we were actually on we had to wait for the crane to get it so we ended up  moving the same huge damn pile of dust like four times haha

I worked 12 hours today and I am exhausted and I was so filthy when I got home but, I am pulling a paycheck now and I have no idea how long this job will last but its money for now so we will see. I am happy to have an honest day's work again and I know that soon I will be back in great shape from moving all this huge heavy concrete!

Yall take care,Tyler

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