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Thursday, November 18, 2010

On and on we go

Since I have been here in Auckland I have met some interesting characters and seen some interesting stuff. I haven't taken any pictures of Auckland yet but I need to get too it! There is some pretty cool outdoor stuff here. Lots of sculptures and things. Just today I saw a HUGE "walkable" map of the earth and it was neat to jump from place to place (literally) and see where I have been and where I want to go.

There is also a lot of interesting street performers here. I have seen a mime, various guitar playing people and I even got a free balloon animal from a traveling balloon guy haha it was awesome! and he gave me free cotton candy/fairy floss (that's what they call it over here) but, the biggest ones that stick out in my mind are this "magician" guy I see on the street almost everyday in same spot teaching basic card tricks and what not to people. It is only interesting because he is ALWAYS teaching women lol.

Never guys ever, just girls. I think he likes the attention haha. I always hear the girls go "ohhhhh how did you do that!" I can always see him smile that sneaky guy :P The other street performers that really stick out in my mind is these 2 guys playing guitar/harmonica. They were terrible haha! just horrible, off pitch and everything! But they were SO into it haha it just made me laugh but they were going so full on and having such a good time it just made you have a good time too!

Last night I went out again for CS drink night and it was really good as usual, not as many people this Wednesday though but, a fellow CS'er is also a musician and she was singing last night at a club for free. She did cover songs and even some of her own and she has a beautiful voice and the body to match! I had a great time. I have moved to a new couch surfer's place for the time being and he is awesome too! I am still looking for work but had a good interview and I have some more lined up for labour hire etc. I got a new backpack today too :) Its pretty awesome!

The Christmas season is upon us here even though its rocking into summer. Most of the stores have their stuff out already and I am slowly hearing Christmas Music already! It was about 26 degrees today and for my American readers that is getting into the 80's! So no white Christmas for us haha. I guess I am used to having Christmas in summer now since I did it last year but it is still an adjustment. Last year I missed Thanksgiving but this year I wont! I am going to have a real American style Turkey Day and I can't wait! I am meeting up with some other Americans in Auckland and we are going to do it up!

Ok last thing I wanted to mention, I was trying to find the club where my friend was singing but I couldn't find it. Rather than be stubborn and wander all around I asked some random dude. Never met him before just saw him on the street corner. Not only did this guy ( I never got his name) tell me where it was at, he personally showed me where it was! It was super nice of him! We had a good chat on the way about life and whatever. He was a good guy, I am sure I will never see him again but he was really helpful and I get that all the time! There still is good people in this world :)

So to all my readers wherever you are, here is my challenge: Tomorrow talk to a stranger. Any stranger anywhere, I don't care what you say or who you meet but at least say hello to a stranger. You might just get a lifelong friend. So get to it! Its fun! :)

P.S. I just got off the phone with customer service about my phone. Now I hate customer service with a passion and I think for good reason just like most of you. A lot of the time they can't speak English, they don't help you and its just generally easier and less frustrating to just do it yourself!

Well this guy was from Egypt and I am in Auckland so obviously that is a huge difference but, his English was perfect and I had no idea until he told me! He was super helpful and totally got everything done that I needed. We even chatted about The Pyramids and stuff like that. He told me some great places to go when I visit Egypt in the next two years. So to the random techie guy thanks a lot mate! It just shows they aren't all bad :)

Well I am off for now. Yall take care,Tyler

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