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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Job interview

Well my job interview went well! It was with a labour hire company as per usual for me. ( I seem to be doing a lot of that here in this part of the world but I like it) They dont promise work but, when anything comes up they call you and say hey can you work (insert place here) at (insert time here) then you say yes or no.

So it is at least something. I also have another interview on Sat. so things are looking up :) Last night I went to the birthday party of one of my roommates here, He is Russian and here learning English. I am teaching him and a Chinese couple at the moment just on the side non professionally but I enjoy it. We went out for dinner and drinks and we had Korean food.

What I am about to say may surprise many of my readers who know me well. But, when we went out for Korean I ordered what I assumed wasn't crazy spicy because I like hot stuff but usually Korean is TOO hot for me so I got Beef w/ rice and some kind of non spicy sauce. When it was delivered to the table it was covered in onions!

I hate onions. flat out. But this dish was seriously covered with them and cabbage too! So I reasoned with myself, I knew it would take way too long to pick thru all that stuff I just couldn't do it. I said "Tyler you have sky dived from 15,000 feet,bungee jumped,hang glided,cliff jumped and a lot of other crazy stuff, you can do this!"

I looked at that plate overflowing with onions and cabbage and I just went for it! I dived right in and chomped away and to my surprise it was actually pretty good. I made it thru that entire freakin' plate of food and I didn't die and the world didn't end! Now before I end this story I need to issue a disclaimer to my mother or anyone else who is getting excited by the thought of loading my food with onions and cabbage from now on. It will be a no go! That was a one time exception lol

I have been couch surfing recently with a Russian,an Indian and a Chinese Couple as I said and the Chinese Guy is a chef! His food is really really good and I have been eating an amazing amount of Asian food lately and I am starting to learn how to use chop sticks! I have eaten some crazy stuff like lamb brains and stuff but its been all good :)

I got a free haircut and a training school yesterday which was awesome. Tonight I am going out for CS Drink Night again so it should be a great time! After that I will be going to see a friend of mine sing in a club and soon I will be moving to a host's house so it should be good. All is well in the world :)

Yall take care,Tyler

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