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Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Party Weekend

Well not much happened between the last time I blogged and the weekend except for the fact that I got called into work on Friday and I worked some more construction. It wasn't great but it was better than the first place I worked construction at. This place at least gave me a safety induction and also all the proper safety gear I needed not to mention that my direct supervisor was super cool! But, unfortunately for me I only got called in to work because someone is sick. But, I spoke with my supervisor and he said if there is any way he can fit me in he will!

Saturday afternoon I went to a farewell/early birthday party for one of my good mates here, Johnathan. We haven't known each other long ( I have been here just over a month now) but, he is a great guy and we get on really well. Everyone involved in CS has been awesome but I will really miss him! His party was great because we did silly kids games like twister and wheel barrow races and all that kind of fun stuff. It was just a great afternoon with great weather and food and beer and friends. I couldn't have asked for a better day and I didn't even mind making an idiot of myself because everyone else was too haha.

Saturday night I went out with some friends to an Ice Bar. Everything in the whole bar was made out of ice and we had to wear gloves and boots and coats etc. It was expensive to get in (like 30 bucks) but that included one drink and I got to eat the glass haha so just once for a novelty it was a fun time!

So all in all I had a great weekend and if I am real lucky I will get to work tomorrow :) oh ya, I did manage to sell my old backpack as I said for $6.50 due to my mistake/stupidity of not putting a minimum bid on my Ebay auction and being unable to cancel it. But, this was a Christmas gift for the guy's grandson so I will make someone real happy I hope and I have enough for a bite to eat. Good Karma will go a long way I hope.

Well thats all I got for now,Ty

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