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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Working on the railroad....

So I had a great Christmas with friends here in the city. I got to experience a full English Brunch with my two favourite English girls in all of New Zealand, Nadia and Debs. They even cooked :) We also had two other friends over Daniel from Sweden and Elliot from England so it was a multi cultural Christmas! I really had a great time. I couldn't drink that much due to being alcohol tested at work the next day (today) for my first day working for the railroad. But that is totally ok because I drank my fair share on Christmas Eve haha. That was fun too ;)

So I got to work in one piece today and passed my breath test. From there I found out we are going to be working 6:30am-6:30pm everyday until 9 Jan, except we are not working 1 Jan. (Thank God lol) So I can enjoy New Years Eve!

The actual job is pretty straight forward but it is hard physical sweaty dirty work. At least the days go fast though. We are retrofitting the Auckland rail network to convert the trains from diesel to electricity. Basically my job is to help take out all the old fixtures and then to help pour the concrete slabs (foundations) for the new power poles.

We got shut down for a while today because while we have a clear track (no trains running due to it being a public holiday) there was one freight train operator who somehow managed to miss all the men working signs and everything else and come fairly close to us (Don't worry I wasn't even on that part of the line so I wasn't in any danger) so then they had a huge meeting trying to figure out how that could have even happened on our first day of actual work! Which meant lots of delays for us.

Anyway I am tired,hot,sweaty,dirty,filthy and gross. and I worked way hard today but I earned my wage and I will be back at it tomorrow. I wont be on here much til after the the 9th. Yall take care,Tyler

P.S. I hope all my readers had a great Christmas with family and friends. Oh ya, my birthday is in 4 days! :)

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