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Monday, January 03, 2011


Work has been getting better lately. It was rough for me at first and I didn't feel as if I fit in or it would be a good fit for me. But, after the first few days I started to get into the swing of things and everyone started to get to know me. It became easier for me and now everyone is really nice and helpful. The work is hard there is no question about that and the hours are long but, the pay is good so it is worth it. I have had a few issues with my hours and my pay but I have rang my labour agency and I am getting it all sorted so no big worries there.
I actually have transitioned into a new job role that I like very much. It isn't extremely physical but, it is really important and I enjoy doing it and I have learned it well so far. Basically what I do now is do all the measures for the cuts  that they dig. In simple terms I have to help measure out everything so they know where and how much to dig before they lay the foundations (slabs) for the actual power masts to go on. So we need to do our job right to make sure everything that follows is right. All of the measurements are in metric so I have an "assistant" to help me with my measurements and math but, I direct the digging crew and tell them where to dig and I do the physical measurements. There is 3600 of these cuts to get done before the project is finished so it is a big job but, we are just contracted to do this over the holiday period while the trains are stopped. Once the trains start running again mid month they will be working only on night shift again.

I also wanted to make a special mention of my site foreman Rob. He really is a good guy. He seems to really care about all of us guys and he actually remembers my name (I have worked on site's where they dont even care about learning my name) and he really listens to me if I have any suggestions or concerns. Not only that but, he buys us lunch everyday so we dont have to pay for any food. For New Years Eve he let us knock off early and he bought us a special lunch and even some donuts! We get breath tested everyday before our shifts so no alcohol for us but, on new years eve after work he bought us all a beer. It is really nice to work with good people, it makes a big difference working these long hours.

This is hard dirty work with long hours but I do enjoy feeling that I am making a difference to the Auckland Rail Line and helping to get it better for the people of Auckland. The only complaints I have is sometimes we have to wait around for certain decisions to be made because the chain of command is very large and when you need a decision on something,sometimes it takes a long time to get your answer because it has to go all the way to the top and back down again. That is a little frustrating. We have also had 1 person fail a breath test and 1 person fail a drug test but other than that all is good as gravy and I am happy. Today (Jan 1) is my only day off so I enjoyed it with friends but I will be back at work tomorrow until the 9th of Jan and (maybe) longer. I got another job offer starting in Feb and going until mid march to help build up and tear down sound stages for a concert series all over the north island. It is good money and a great way to travel for free so I think I will do it. Things are looking up for me now :)

We have had 2 people fail drug and/or alcohol tests (we get breath tested every morning before shifts) and we have had some guys come onto site dressed like us (workers) and try and steal stuff to resale it. (They got busted because they were wearing shorts and we aren't allowed to wear shorts. We have also had some kids break in after New Years Eve and break all the windows out of one of our diggers. We have had the usual drama's with delays and stuff. It is frustrating but nothing SUPER major and no big injury's so I guess all in all it has gone pretty well so far. By the time my contract (most likely) expires on 9 January I will have work over 150 hours in 14 days! But it isn't so bad. It is good money and I am happy once they sort all my pay issues out ( being worked on supposedly) I will keep on top of it though trust me!

My new years eve was great. I was just out with three other good friends but we had an awesome time. We saw the fireworks at the sky tower and had some drinks in the city. I cant believe 2011 is already here and I have already been gone for 14 months now! New Years Eve last year in Sydney has come and gone already. Time just flys! Ben will be here soon and before I know it, it will be time for South America! It will be good to see him again though. I am really enjoying my time here though. I am not a fan at all of the "four seasons in one day" weather in Auckland but other than that I really like it here.

I also had a great birthday. I went out with my friend Debs, I jokingly refer to her as my Auckland girlfriend because while we are just friends I have gone out with her and been in more date type situations than any other girl here in Auckland haha. We had Mexican food that was actually decent but since I was working the next day I limited myself to one beer and a margarita. It was a good relaxing evening though. We ate out at the viaduct (harbour) and had a great view and great weather. Debs and Nadia even got me two shirts for my birthday and I was really touched that they actually got me something. Today for my day off we went to Mission Beach and had a (longer than expected walk there haha) but it was a good day we also hung out with our friend Daniel from Sweden so it was good to see him again, he also went out with us for New Years Eve so it was good times had by all.

Just a little shout out to all my family and friends back home but I hope your New Years Eve and Christmas was great and all the best for 2011. I also want to give a mention to Abbie (in case your reading this) happy birthday Abs and I am sorry I wasn't there to share it with you this year. Maybe next year ;) I will be home eventually haha.

Yall take care,Tyler (I cant believe I am 26 now!) 30 will be here before I know it haha

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