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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Its over.....

Finally after 15 days I can rejoin the real world! I made some good money but I worked super hard! Basically all we did the whole time was dig holes and put in foundations (slabs) of concrete for the power poles to be raised up on. It is much more complicated than that but that is very simple terms. I mostly did prep work for the holes before they were drilled by the digger but I did a little bit of everything really. Just alot of this and that. Here is some stats on my job. They did provide us with free food and water which was good.

Days of work: 15
Days off: 1
Hours worked: 156
Breath Tests passed: 15
Random drug tests passed: 2
Number of clothes washes done: a lot
Kilometers walked on the rail line: Hundreds
Amount of water drank: 45 liters/ 11.25 gallons
Amount of Subway eaten: 15 times
Chance I will go to Subway anytime in the next 6 months: Zero.
Weight gained: Almost 3 kilos/5 pounds! (all that subway)
Days worked in the pissing down rain: 1
Tan increased: 100%
Work experience gained:100%
Chance that I ever want to use a jackhammer ever again: zero (that sucked!)
Chance that I would wake up at 5:30am on my first day off: 100% lol
This first day off: PRICELESS!

I worked hard but got paid good and really enjoyed everyone I worked with which was good. I hope to keep working with them we will see how it goes. It was super hard but worth it really and I got some great work experience on the rail line. -Tyler

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