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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ben has arrived!

So my best mate in all of the southern hemisphere got here on the night of the 11th. Since then I have helped him set up a bank account,tax number,mobile phone and gotten him (hopefully) a job. Along with all that, he is crashing at my place for the moment and we have been interviewed for Japanese TV! How cool is that?! haha.

I have enjoyed a little time not working since I worked so full on with that rail job but soon it will be time to find work again. I have confirmed working setting up concert stages in February to March but, I am going to need a little something between now and then. I am sure I will find something.  I took Ben to his first CS Drink Night last night and we had a good time. I have given him the city tour and introduced him to all my friends.

It is really good to catch up with him again and gear up for South America in just a few months! I will have my belated birthday party at the end of this month so it should be good fun. I have met tons of people here so it will be a blast! really thats all I got for now.

All is well here :) yall take care,Ty

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  1. That’s great that you have the Ben/Tyler team back together again. So hard to believe that you are very near your next exciting trip. I’m happy you are doing really well !