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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aussie Floods

I know I am late on this because I have known about the floods in Aussie for a while now but only now am I getting the time to blog about this. Apparently it is even newsworthy in the States! Since I lived in Brissy for six months and I still have many mates there I was quite worried. But, I have checked on all my mates and they are fine which is great! The area that is actually flooded is near to where I actually lived. It is all very sad :( I do hope things get better soon!

I am back working construction at Britomart for now until my concert job starts in Feb. It isn't as hard as the rail job but nor does it pay as good. I am just constantly amazed at how many guys at work wear NO hearing/eye protection when they totally should! You only have one set of each yet they just go on like it doesn't even matter! I have seen guys jackhammering with NO ear protection OR eye protection on! Officially on the books its illegal for them to work like that but in reality the bosses seem to think its their choice.

Did you know that in less than 8 hours of exposure to a jackhammer you can potentially go deaf? I always wear my muffs! What else? Soon I will go on a camping trip with CS and it is going to be fun! The weather is still up and down here, when its hot its hot and when its rainy its rainy! I seem to have lost all of the weight I put on at the rail job, no surprise there lol

Oh ya, movie reviews! I have seen Unstoppable the new Denzel Washington movie about the runaway train. Without giving too much away for those of you who haven't seen it, it was surprisingly good considering the whole movie is based around them chasing a runaway train lol. It made it even better for me because they actually used rail road terms and I knew what they meant and I could pick out all the outrageous movie theatrics involving the rail line that would never happen in real life lol.

I also saw Love and other drugs (it was the girls choice lol) it was about a guy who gets into pharmaceutical sales to start selling Viagra when it first came out. Then he falls in love with a girl and blah blah. It sounds typical but really it had some good twists and I actually enjoyed it. On top of all that Tues as well as being cheap Tues at the movies is also cheap Tues at Domino's so good food had by all :)

I smoked my first true Cuban Cigar (not illegal if you aren't in America ;)  ) it was not as amazing as I had hoped and I plan on staying a non smoker. At least I can take it off my bucket list now.
I guess that is all for now. -Tyler

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