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Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have had a frustrating few days... So apparently my new job is still confirmed but is pushed back to the 26th of this month. Not a huge deal but, I did cancel my Christmas plan because I thought I would be working on Christmas so now I will have to re-plan stuff all over. Not only that but, my safety induction was supposed to be today and I was promised to be picked up by the boss and taken there. Well I got a call from him telling me he couldn't make it and he asked me to reschedule for Saturday morning.

So I took a day off of work and lost all that money for nothing. Now I have to burn through a Saturday morning as well. I just hope it is worth it.  I went to look at an apartment last night and I really liked it and was ready to take it and finally have my own space! I said I would take it and the landlord verbally agreed with me. Then he said he had to go and get the contract for me to sign. I got a call from him later saying he had given it to someone else so that was pretty crappy and I was disappointed because I really liked the place.

Now for the positives. I am still making enough money to survive ok and a good friend of mine just offered me her place to live in until the beginning of Jan while she is away on holidays so that takes a big stress off me! I have also been having fun with friends and the holidays are almost upon us! So I guess not all is bad in the world :) Oh ya, I might go see another comedy show tonight!

Late edit: I have now spent 145 dollars but I am inducted finally. I lost 100 bucks waiting for my new boss to pick me up for the safety induction and he never did (I took a day off of work) I got re scheduled for Saturday and I took a taxi there (didn't trust the bus) so it cost me 45 bucks. I found out when I got there that there was a guy who offered to give me a ride but, my new boss didn't pass on my mobile number to him! :(  On top  of all that he didn't even register me for the safety class but they let me stay thank God. I found out I have all the wrong safety gear,

My boots don't lace up, my hard hat is the wrong colour as are my shirts. So now I have to re buy everything but I had no idea they were so strict on the colours and stuff. You had better believe I am keeping every single damn receipt and I am going to write off all of that stuff on my taxes! I know the start date (the 26th) but they didn't even tell us where to meet so hopefully before we actually start I will get a little more information! Because I dont even know what I am going to be doing for sure. But, I am all inducted and such at least.... finally.

Another late edit: It is STILL raining and crappy and this is SO NOT Christmas weather! I am sick of it! I canceled my Christmas plans due to thinking we were starting our job earlier so now I am going to have to see if I can get back in on it because I don't want to be all alone for Christmas. I also wanted to add another frustration of mine. I have already discussed the public transport here in Auckland so I wont go there again lol But, one of my biggest frustrations lately is EFT-POS machines (debit card scanners/swipers for my American readers) every store has a different one! Every place you have to turn your card this way or that way or swipe it different! It should seriously just be standardized... frick! Don't even get me started on how all measurements all over the world should be standardized ( I am actually fairly good with metric now :)  )

I also wanted to comment on frustrated I am with Maccas (Macdonald's here in NZ)  they charge you 50 cents for BBQ Sauce which I think is just as much a condiment as ketchup! It should be free. It is outrageous they will give you ketchup for free and charge you for BBQ Sauce. If they tried that crap in America there would be riots! 
ok that is all.

Its rainy and crappy today so I will end this now but yall take care,Tyler

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