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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Busy busy busy

Well I still haven't found a long term job or a long term place to stay but, I am doing just enough work to pay the bills and I am staying with a mate of mine for the moment so I am not living on the street or anything crazy like that. Now that it is nearing Christmas/My birthday/New Years I am just getting busy!

I have been working more construction lately which means I don't really have to use my brain at work but I do have to use my muscles everyday and I am using muscles I haven't used in a long time haha. Everyday I come home battered,bruised and dirty (you should see how many blisters I have!) But, I am getting back into shape which is good.

Tonight I am going to my friend Johnathan's birthday party which should be fun so I am excited for that for sure and this weekend I will be doing something with CS I am sure. Last night was drink night with CS so I got to meet new people and see old friend's as well. It is amazing how many people I have met in just one month!

Honestly so far thats all I have for you today. I know I haven't blogged in a while and I should have more to say than that but I am just out of it today. Oh, did I mention I went to an ice bar and I got to eat the glass. it was -6 degrees in there! I have a jam packed Christmas/New Years this year so while I wont be with family I will have my "CS Family" so I definitely wont be alone which is good!

One last thing I wanted to mention was about stereotypes. The best example I can give is the French. Generally speaking most people think that French people are rude,obnoxious and so on blah blah blah. well I can personally say that every French person I have ever met traveling has been awesome. I have not met a single bad Frenchie. People also have stereotypes about Texas. You know gun slinging cowboys etc etc. I get asked all the time if I wear cowboy boots and a hat and where my accent is lol.

Basically what I am trying to say is dont prejudge people by what you hear. I never buy into any stereotypes I meet the people then judge from there. late edit., I just got offered an amazing job with Kiwi Rail and if I take this job I will have to work everyday thru the holiday season (even Xmas) but I will be making a lot of money!!

Yall take care,Tyler

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