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Saturday, December 11, 2010

My new job! :)

So I wanted to give you a few more details on my new job. I will be working 72 hours a week until 14th of Jan. 12 hours a day 6 days a week. So needless to say the hours are going to be insane. Also, I have to work all the holidays, Christmas,New Years,New Years Eve, My birthday, Jan 1,Christmas Eve,Boxing Day etc. But, I get "holiday pay" on those days which means I will be making a huge amount of money! Even on the days that aren't "holiday pay" days I will still be making great money!

I am going to be helping to put up electrification lines for the rail network here in Auckland. I wont be doing anything specialized just general labour but because it is over the holiday period and so time consuming they are willing to pay a huge amount of money. I will have to work night shift and day shifts. Also I will have to be Breathalyzed everyday at work before I start. I wont have a life for over a month.

But none of that matters because I will be banking it! :) I am really lucky to be offered this job and I look forward to starting next week. I have been doing construction on a car park/office complex and it has gotten me by but it isn't great so I am looking forward to a change. The contract for the car park and the office complex is run by the same company but working on interiors (the office complex) is SO much better. The people are MUCH nicer they actually seem to care about me and its just overall better. So strange considering it is supposedly the same company!

I moved to a new place recently (only for a bit) but, I am living with a guy named Daniel who is pretty cool and two girls from England. Nadia and Debs and they are two of the coolest girls I have ever met. We have alot of fun together and just last night we went to "Christmas in the Park" here in Auckland. It was music festival/Christmas thing. It doesn't feel like Christmas considering that it is summer but, it was a lot of fun. There was 10,000 people there!  So it was SO packed but it was BYOB so everyone was drinking and eating and having a good time. We enjoyed ourselves :)

I have been here just over a month but due to Couch Surfing I have met A LOT of people and really made some great life long friends here already. I have loved every minute and it has been great. Just recently my friend Jon left Auckland. I only got to know him for a month or so but it was one of those really strong intense friendships and I was sad when he left. He was a good guy and I know we will stay in touch for sure.

Last thing I want to mention is I was coming home from work last week and they had closed Queen St (the main street here in Auckland) and apparently there was a bomb scare at the American Embassy here. I guess nothing ended up happening because they re-opened the street eventually but it is better safe than sorry!

Well yall enjoy your weekend and this very well might be my last few days of freedom for a month or so. If you dont hear from me via blogging just know that I am working like a crazy man but I will try and stay in touch as much as possible! -Ty

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