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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Free Day

The comedy show was free and actually pretty funny. They had a total of 6 comedians, some funnier than others but it was not bad at all for free. We even got to meet Anna Bligh the Premier (Governor) of Queensland. Surprisingly to me, the 3 female comedians were just as funny if not funnier than the male comedians. It has usually been my experience that girl comedians tend to try to hard and go over the top and be funny and then they end up not being very funny but, I was pleasantly surprised.

We also had free tickets to see a movie called "The Losers" it wasn't a great movie but it wasn't the worst movie I have ever seen either. All in All not a bad deal for free. After our free day we went out for a few drinks and wandered into a bar where someone was having a "Heroes and Villains" party. There was some interesting costumes haha. Someone even dressed up as Gumby!

Ben and I have decided we are going to start running and getting into shape. It has been a while since I have done any form of serious exercise but we are going to start and get back into good shape. Brisbane has been really good about having lots of free things to see a do, they really do treat their citizens well here. I did enjoy Sydney but it just seems here there is more to see and do here and they have a good transport system here too. There is also a free sailing thing we can do on Wednesdays at the Harbour. Apparently the rich people let us poor folk go out with them on their sail boats for a day of sailing so we want to do that, it should be fun!

As usual I had more to write but I have gone and forgotten what it is so I apologise in advance I really need to get a notebook or something to write in so I don't keep forgetting stuff after the fact. I am sure I will remember 3 days from now what I wanted to write now.

I did remember that cheap Tuesdays at the movies is coming up! :) and soon I will need to buy a new laptop to replace my stolen one along with haircut and a new pair of sandals after almost 7 months here this pair I currently have, are done! and my hair is getting pretty long so it is time for a haircut! I found a cheap hair cutting school that has students who do a decent job for a cheap price.

Talk at ya later,Ty

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