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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a small update

Well I am still here in Brisbane with my mate Ben. We are still on the hunt for jobs. I have applied with a lot of job agencies and actually made some headway with one of them. I talked to someone on the phone and hoping to get a face to face interview soon. We are giving ourselves until the 1st to find work here before we move on.

As I said before, we had our camper van broken into and I had my laptop stolen along with my digital camera and Ben's passport and alot of other stuff. I was lucky just to have those 2 things taken but it is a still a big hit for me and expensive to replace. I (Thought) I had insurance through my credit card to cover it but I found out they only cover damage to the van not the contents inside :( so I am back to square one and wont be able to afford new stuff until I get job :( I hate misfortune and mean people but, I still have my health and it could have been worse.

I did see Robin Hood with Ben at the cheap movie theatre and Iron Man 2 as well. Iron Man was better than Robin Hood in my opinion but both were good. So all in all life is just chugging along here in Brisbane and I am doing fine but hoping for work soon! Still staying at my mate's place just enjoying life. I hope yall are enjoying my blog and it isnt too boring. I will try and get some pictures on here soon to liven it up!

Yall take care, Your Traveling Texan,Tyler

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